Famous fugitive of Manaus penitentiary puts new selfie on Facebook

They registered their escape from prison on Facebook.

Although cell phone use is prohibited in Brazilian prisons, Brayan often uses the network often and his posts impacted the internet. A detainee from the Anísio Jobim Penitentiary Complex (Compai), who escaped from the prison with 24 other prisoners on Sunday (1st) after a rebellion that had international repercution, has been posting selfies on the internet since the escape. In the most recent photo, he added a caption in which he says to move to the municipality of Maués and ends with the message: “Ssingle women beware”.

Although cell phone use is prohibited in prisons, Brayan is an active user of social networks. Often posts selfies, daughter photos and jokes related to the jail. As soon as he managed to escape from the prison, he posted a photo accompanied by a colleague with the caption “Escape from the jail”.

They registered their escape from prison on Facebook.
They registered their escape from prison on Facebook. This is the famous picture that became meme in Brazil.

But the freedom of the convict Francisco Oliveira, who also used the rebellion and the massacre in the prison in Manaus last Sunday, to escape alongside Bryan Bremer, lasted little. Francisco Oliveira has been captured as posted on Band News. The posts that quickly became viral, in less than 24 hours, the image had been tanned by more than 20 thousand people and shared by another 7 thousand. The escape became a meme in social networks.

In the comments, many people laughed at the situation and created several montages with the duo of fugitives using movie images and cartoon characters. Bryan even wrote that he was dirty with clay, “but what counts is freedom.”

Hours after posting the controversial and popular photo, Brayan once again published an image on social networks this Monday, the 2nd. Already clean, he said he was arriving in the city of Maués, in the interior of Amazonas state, and sent a message: “single women beware”. Brayan remains a fugitive and you can follow his adventures on his Facebook profile https://www.facebook.com/brayan.bremer.56?fref=nf 

After the photo’s repercussion, several memes were created. Check the memes of the brazilian prison break below.

meme presidiário em fuga 1
meme presidiário em fuga 2


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