Guy rides the train on the outside in Sao Paulo

Guy rides train on the outside.

A video that shows a man traveling outside a moving train this month in Greater Sao Paulo has been shared several times on social networks. It was posted on the 27th on Twitter and on the CPTM Diary Facebook page, which gathers reports from users of the Paulsita Metropolitan Trains Company’s train system.

According to the Company, the case occurred on December 26th, when the boy who hangs on the door of the 8-Diamond Line wagon was arrested for the practice of “railway surfing” (see footnote at the end of the text). a police station in Osasco, the man was charged with Railroad Hazard and was released to respond to the crime in freedom.

The 8-Diamond line starts at Júlio Prestes Station, in São Paulo, passes through Osasco, Carapicuíba, Barueri, Jandira ends at Amador Bueno Station in Itapevi.

In the postings made by CPTM’s Diary, there are reports that the recording was done by cell phone inside a wagon, moments before the train stops at the Barueri station in the metropolitan region of São Paulo.

“My God!” Says the person filming the man who appears through the windows of the composition doors. He seems to hold onto the frame and still makes gestures with his arms.

THe film lasts 1 minute and 44 seconds. The person who appears in the video is young, wears a polo shirt and has earphones.

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