Image from Google Street View prevents payment of pension for death in São Paulo

The insured deceased appears in the street sweeping his real house.

Technology has helped the Brazilian justice system avoid fraud and thus save public money. According to the State of São Paulo newspaper, the Federal Attorney General’s Office was able to find inconsistencies in an application for a death pension made by a woman who claimed to be in stable union with a deceased insured. According to the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo, the documents sent in the case, she stated that the two lived in the same residence and had a relationship, justifying the possibility of receiving the benefit. After finding some contradictions in the request, the Federal Attorney General’s Office of the Union Advocate General decided to search Google Street View for the man’s previous address, which was found by the images, sweeping the frontyard of his house. “Through images taken in June 2015, in which the founder appears sweeping the garage of his residence, it was possible to prove that he did not reside in the address informed by the author in her application,” said federal prosecutor Gustavo Ricchini Leite.

The judge responsible for the case explains that the images show that there was no so-called ‘cohabitation’ between the two, that is, they did not live in the same house, which indicates that there was no common life between them. “I have not been convinced of the allegations, so the request is not to be upheld, imposing the dismissal of the request,” he said.

According to the AGU, the images collected in June 2015 proved that the deceased insurer “did not reside at the address given by the author in her initial petition.” Therefore, the author’s appeal had been denied by the Social Security Institute because it was only due to “dependents of the deceased insured”, which was not the case of the alleged widow.

I admit it would have been funnier if someone was requested death pension for someone that was still alive and was photographed sweeping the house. Now, that would be great!

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Joe Cloud
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