Playboy Brazil owners accused of harassment by bunnies

Harassment messages over the phone..

Eight models who did a reception job for Playboy Brazil magazine accuse André Luís Sanseverino and Marcos Aurélio de Abreu, two of the magazine’s owners of sexual harassment. According to them, the business owners had asked for naked pictures and sexual favors in exchange for jobs in the magazine and other media. In a report published by TV Globo’s “Fantastico” on Sunday (April 24), the models spoke and showed a series of conversations by phone messages with Sanseverino.

All the complainants participated in an event of Playboy Brasil magazine, on August 13, 2016, in Florianópolis, as receptionists. They dressed in bunnies, a great icon of the brand, they took pictures with the owners and guests at the party that marked the relaunch of the publication, which had its rights in Brazil acquired by Sanseverino, Abreu and a third partner, Edson de Oliveira, after disengagement from the group Editoria Abril. Already during the event, the models claim that Abreu would have harassed them.

Editora Abril, which had the rights to publish Playboy magazine in Brazil, told Playboy Enterprises, owners of the brand in the United States, that it had no more interest in the title and, following contractual rules, gave a term of one year for the Americans to find a new partner in Brazil. American Playboy then selected a small group of Brazilian companies with extensive experience in the magazine industry to open a competition, but to everyone’s surprise, chose as a new representative a company with no history in the publishing world of magazine publishing.

PBB Entertainment (Playboy Brasil) was created by three partners: 1) Marcos de Abreu, owner of a Paraná human resources company, considered the investor of the group, 2) Edson Oliveira, an entrepreneur and 3) André Sanseverino, a photographer Who had done some work for Brazilian Playboy in the past. During the announcement of the sale, American Playboy Vice President Mike Violano stated that “Playboy has a long history in Brazil and we are excited that PBB Entertainment is helping us maintain that tradition in Brazil.” In just over a year in the hands of the new administration, the magazine’s 40-year history of success with Editora Abril suffers a heavy blow when denounced for sexual harassment.

The denunciations hit directly the partners Marcos de Abreu and André Sanseverino, who would have promised fame and success in exchange for nude and sex photographs, during the launch party of the new Playboy in August 2016. Sanseverino passed the number of his cell phone to The women, asking them to get in touch for more professional jobs. However, after exchanges of messages, the models claim that he harassed them and offered jobs in the magazine and even in soap operas in exchange for sexual favors.

The “Fantastic” also looked for the entrepreneurs, who defended themselves. Abreu said he was with his wife on the day of the party and had no inappropriate interaction with the model. He even called the charge “contradictory.” Sanseverino, meanwhile, said conversations with the models were “normal” and asked the sexual questions to make sure the women were not program girls.

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