Policeman ends up in prison in Rio over photo sent via Whatsapp

Policeman searching girl on the streets. This military policeman from Irajá, suburbs of Rio, ended up in prison this Saturday. The stay was short, he was released this Sunday morning, but the administrative punishment was because his attitude on this picture fall on the social networks. All coquettish, the officer appears searching a spirited young woman in a photo sent over WhatsApp.

Saliência pública, something like, public saliency may even result in dismissal. In a statement, the military police reported that they ordered the initiation of disciplinary administrative process to assess the permanence of the policeman in the corporation.

It’s not the first time that the military police finds themselves in trouble after leaked images on social networks.

In April last year, photos and videos of police officers and a girl known as ‘Maria UPP’ spread across the internet. In the images, the PMs appeared having sex with the girl.

In 2012, another official, only the Fire Department, had published photos of a sexual encounter with a couple. He was sentenced to seven months and six days of detention in open prison by the Audit of the Military Justice.

Policeman searching girl on the streets resulted in dismissal from the corporation.

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Joe Cloud
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