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William Mastercard credit card William’s name was featured in news portals around the country after he released, on Wednesday, December 9th, a picture of a ContaSuper Mastercard credit card received at his residence. That’s because his last name on the card came exchanged for a curse, and that’s the reason why he is going to court.

Client gets credit card with name calling in place of the surname
The customers lawyer, said that the customer has already expressed the idea to go to court against the card company for the insult. The action will request financial compensation for moral damages caused, aggravated by the enormous repercussions on portals, blogs and social networks following the complaint. “The company had on file the correct surname of my client and committed this absurd mistake,” he said. “We will enter the regular courts to see if we can get a higher value,” he said, not commenting on how much should be asked.

In addition to the error – deliberate or not – there is also the error of sending a new card. According to the customer, he made no request to ContaSuper company, a fact that is considered abusive by the courts.

William Mastercard credit card

ContaSuper, but did not return IG’s calls until the time of publication. MasterCard has already stressed that it is only a credit card flag, licensing the brand to banks that issue the cards. “Therefore, the responsibility for the administration of your card’s issuing bank, as well as approval of sending cards; effective delivery of cards to customers of banks, invoicing and collections, collection of dues, fees, fares or rates interest, or cancellation of cards,” said Mastercard through a statement.

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