Beauty Expert: Dr Rey, a plastic surgeon from Brazil, makes money from beautiful women in the US

From O Robert Rey starred in “Behind the Scenes of the Carnival ‘ on Rede TV! Network in Brazil analyzing breasts and butts. The surgeon of the starts says that he has stripped 33 000 women, reveals the dream of being a governor and talks about his new show.

Dr. Rey analyzes butts in Rio’s carnival

Rio – Have It! – How was it to take part of the coverage of Carnival?
Robert Rey: I do television for entertainment. Who turns on the TV wants to relax, do not want to see serious things. People feel comfortable with me, know that I bring the madness of Hollywood, a different angle. At Carnival, i was in paradise, full of butts in my face, beautiful girls in all directions. This is good for me, because surgeons die early due to stress. So, entertainment is my outlet.

Have It! – What did you think of the women assessed on TV?
Robert Rey: I’m a juror on contests like Miss Universe, Miss Brazil and in other countries. I not only create beauty, but I operate many famous people. I can say that Brazil has become a standard of beauty, it is a reference worldwide.

Have It! – Did you like the Brazilian butt, a national preference?
Robert Rey: The Brazilian butt is perfect, thanks to the mixture of races. When there is a mixture of races, you get the best of each, the dominant gene, and there is a most beautiful woman.

Have It! – But for years, the Brazilians put silicone to have big breasts as in the American women… What do you think?
Robert Rey: They began putting silicone imitating the gringo, but it stopped. Before, they would put 400ml, 450ml prostheses. Now, they put 300ml, 350ml. The women are working out more. Before, they did more lipo surgeries, but today they makes more breasts.

Have It! – What is the ranking of the surgeries?
Robert Rey: The breast augmentation comes in first, then the lipo suction. Thirdly, surgery to lift the breasts. Fourth, abdominoplasty, which is common in women after pregnancy, because the belly is flabby. Fifth, is the butt. To increase it, instead of using silicone prosthesis, i inject stem cells obtained from fat taken from some part of the patient’s body. The result is more natural.

Have It! – How is your relationship with women who are not their patients?
Robert Rey: There are women who are afraid of getting on the elevator with me, because they think that i’m going to criticize their bodies. Not so. I Just look at the positive side.

Have It! – But you probably get harassed by many women who want to have their bodies examined …
Robert Rey: For some reason, they lose the inhibition with me. It is common to undress in front of me. I may be in the theater, cinema or restaurant with my family, they open the shirt, get off the chest, sometimes get naked. I never been to a club without a woman showing me their breasts, buttocks or vagina. When they discover that I am a plastic surgeon, the lose the shame, it’s a case to be studied by psychology or sociology. No matter what culture, religion or place. Even a Muslim woman has removed her burqa and stood naked in front of me to the despair of her husband.

Have It! – How did your family react to scenes like these?
Robert King: My kids (Sydney, 11, and Robby, 8) are so used to it, that they not even look. The boy is playing video games and doesn’t even lift his head.

Have It! – And what about your wife, Hayley?
Robert Rey: After 12 years of marriage, she does not care. She enows that the more women undressing in front of me, the largest is the check.

Have It! – So she is not jealous?
Robert Rey: She is fine, not jealous at all. In fact, gringoes are not jealous (Hayley is French-Canadian). In Germany, where I have a TV show, I went to a club in Berlin and pinched the butt of a gringa just to test. The husband saw me but did nothing and turned to the side. Look at that! In the United States, you do not own the person. Also because the more you try to hold, the more they want to escape.

Have It! – You also leaves your wife alone to go to the nightlife?
Robert Rey: If my wife wants to leave on a night out with friends, no problem. Kissing on the mouth is not a problem. I’ve seen her kissing some famous. No problem, i do not own her. Benicio Del Toro loves her!

Have It! – How many women have you stripped off as a plastic surgeon?
tRobert Rey: I have stripped 33,000 women in 21 years of occupation. There were times that i stripped 10 per hour. And look that it is expensive to visit me, a query can go for up to US$ 5,000. I already operated on the most beautiful women in the world.

Have It! – For you, nudity is common. But how do the husbands of your patients react? Do they feel jealous?
Rey Robert: For me, a naked woman is no big deal, i spent my life watching this. Husbands do not need to worry about me. I’m tired! For me it is 100% professional.

Have It! – You want to come more often to Brazil?
Robert Rey: I flee to Brazil during Carnival because cutting human skin is no joke. I go to the club, have fun, i kiss women, but i do not take any to the hotel. I was paid to come, but I would actually pay to be here. If there was no Brazil, I would die, because my life is too stressful. I bought an apartment in Itaim in Sao Paulo, and build a clinic in the Amazon with recyclable material.

Have It! – How is your routine?
Robert Rey: On Mondays, I make up to six surgeries. On Tuesday, I query. On Wednesdays, I travel. Thursday and Friday, I make my TV programs in countries like Germany, England, Mexico. On Saturday, I go to parties, i get paid US $ 15,000. Sunday, i catch the plane back to America.

Have It! – Your show, ‘Dr. Hollywood ‘will continue to be displayed in RedeTV!?
Robert Rey: I will make the program in Brazil, speaking in Portuguese. Still no release date, but will air on Sundays at 10pm. We will have Brazilian patients and famous physicians and anonymous guests. I will also do a program with Luciana Gimenez, to be displayed at 4pm. We have a great sensual energy. Let’s talk about gossip in the first block, then get a famous chef to cook. In the third section, I will talk about plastic surgery, tell what they are afraid to ask doctors. In the final section, I show that I travel the world doing surgeries for cleft lip for Horsch Foundation.

Have It! – Will you give tips on cosmetic surgery as you did during Carnival?
Robert Rey: Our recipe is a lot of laughter, making fun, but with a lot of science and information. I am a plastic surgeon, I am not a clown. I teach making humor with sensuality. Otherwise, it becomes tedious.

Have It! – Do you still live in the same mansion in Beverly Hills?
Robert Rey: Yes, it’s ridiculous to buy a mansion (which belonged to the actress Rachel Welch) of 9000 meters square, when we only use three or four bedrooms. The rest is locked. This suit here (shows his clothes with designer Ricardo Almeida) bought for US$ 12,000. But I stopped these abuses.

Have It! – But you already showed clothes, cars and valuables in the program. Why have you changed?
Robert Rey: After so much poverty, I had a phase of buying all, but it’s gone. I found that it does not bring joy and still attracts criminals, because I have to walk with security. I’m tired of it! Now I just buy normal things. I look for offers.

Have It! – What will you do when you stop doing surgery?
Robert Rey: I want to quit in 6 or 7 years. I want to be the governor of California to improve the way Latinos are treated there. I did my masters in government from Harvard University, along with Presidents Obama (U.S.) and Calderon (Mexico). Also get a lot of pressure from parties here in Brazil to run for government here.

More about Dr. Rey:
Roberto Miguel Rey Júnior was born in São Paulo, Brazil to Avelina Reisdörfer and engineer Roberto Miguel Rey, an American-born naturalized Brazilian.The family lived in São Paulo until 1974, when Mormon missionaries brought Rey, then 12 years old, and his brother and two sisters to the United States. Rey and his siblings moved to Utah, where they were adopted by a religious community. They later moved to Arizona. At sixteen he met with his mother again and they went to live in Prescott, Arizona where he attended Prescott High School. She worked as a janitor to help with Robert’s schooling bills.
To find out more about Dr. Rey:

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Dutch, American, Brazilian... lived there for 5 years and owns property in Brazil. Out of the country for a few years now and would like to go back, however current circumstances tell me it's not the right time.

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Dutch, American, Brazilian... lived there for 5 years and owns property in Brazil. Out of the country for a few years now and would like to go back, however current circumstances tell me it's not the right time.