Informal apps make money from Brazilian government FGTS benefits

Although Caixa, one of Brazil’s main banks has its own application, which gives access to the FGTS account statement, more than 30 other Apps in the Google and Apple virtual stores are available for download. FGTS is a Brazilian benefit that the government gives to workers after a certain time in the workforce.  At this time of the year, is when the government releases a list of available people to be benefited, so a few App developers who handle the service also surf the wave and record high downloads and revenue. The company with more apps, for example, saw its billing jump 22 times and reach R$ 70 thousand monthly.

For Android, the Google operating system used by more than 90% of Brazilian smartphones, 29 applications are offered. Already for Apple’s iOS, there are only three.

The government announced in December the release of money from the FGTS for who had a balance in an inactive fund account until December 31, 2015. An account is inactive when it ceases to receive deposits from the company due to termination or termination of employment contract . The worker must be away from this job at least from the end of 2015. The worker, however, can not withdraw the FGTS money from an active account, that is, that he still receives deposits by the current employer.

According to Caixa, the schedule with the payment schedule, which will be in accordance with the beneficiary’s birthday, will come out soon. According to GloboNews, the government will announce the schedule on Tuesday (February 14).

Simple apps make money on the app Stores in Brazil

Up to R$ 70 thousand per month
ID Development is responsible for seven of the services offered on Google Play. Opened in the south of Brazil by a local couple, they have 51 apps in Google’s store, mostly on government services, Such as IPVA, Income Tax and Bolsa Família. The idea of a new service come from the news. Taken from the internet, the information is compiled before composing the various sessions of the apps. The development of the whole program, lasts no more than a day. All apps are informative with the intention to bring information to the user.

These various applications about FGTS came before the announcement of the release of the cash withdrawal from inactive accounts. But they only took off after President Michel Temer announced the news in December last year. The developers say that they were making approximately R$ 3,000 a month, and since the release of the money was announced by the government they started to have monthly revenues that ranged between R$ 50,000 and R$ 70,000. Profit comes from ads served to apps by a Google ad network that remunerates services according to their audience. FGTS Basic4Brasil’s seven apps  receive 250,000 views a day and “Inactive FGTS” is seen 100,000 times a day.

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