Medicine that had a price increase of 5,000% in the US costs US$ 0.07 in Brazil (and the price will not increase)

daraprim_martin_shkreliThis week, Martin Shkreli became the most hated guy the internet for raising the price of a medicine 5,000% from day to night.

The former operator of high-risk stocks bought the rights to operate Daraprim, a drug used in the treatment of malaria and infections from AIDS. Immediately, the price of the tablet jumped from US$ 13.50 to US$ 750 (about R$ 3,130).

Fortunately, Daraprim operating rights acquired by Shkreli apply only to the United States. In Brazil, the Daraprim is manufactured by Farmoquímica, which sells the drug for ten years and does not intend to increase the value.

The box with one hundred tablets of the Brazilian Daraprim is sold on average for R$ 7 – seven brazilian cents per pill – which corresponds to 0.002% of the price of a tablet of the american Daraprim.

This means that, with the money used to buy one tablet Daraprim in the US, you can buy 45.000 in Brazil.

“In Brazil, every price increase has to be approved by the government and we have no intention of raising the price, just what is established by CMED (Drug Market Regulation Chamber),” said Fernando Martins, Product Manager, Farmoquímica to G1 Newspaper.

The CMED regulates the ceiling of drug prices in Brazil under federal law 10,742.

With info from BrasilPost.

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