30 years ago, Brazil and the world stopped to say hi to ETs in Casimiro de Abreu

8000 people showed up to Casimiro de Abreu to watch the arrival of the ETs.

About 37 years ago, on March 8, 1980, Brazil and the world stopped to follow an alien reception in Casimiro de Abreu. Located in the interior of the Rio de Janeiro state, the city received a crowd of curious people to watch the arrival of extraterrestrials from Jupiter. Together with the first contact, the Jupiterean would bring back four people who had been abducted years before.

The curious story of the arrival of flying saucers to the city was announced to the world by Edilcio Barbosa, better known as “Messenger of Jupiter”. The story, which looked more like the plot of a science fiction movie, had a date and time set for the landing of the flying saucers and attracted thousands of people to the quiet town that would be known by the case. The Jupterians would arrive at Casimiro de Abreu on March 8, promptly, at 5:20 in the morning.

8000 people showed up to Casimiro de Abreu to watch the arrival of the ETs.

Their arrival generated a great expectation, which attracted the Brazilian and international press. The case was covered in a national network, being reported in a long report at Rede Globo’s Fantástico, besides several regional news magazines and printed media. The global commotion was so great that NASA, the North American Space Agency, sent investigators to the region to accompany the reception. Altogether, more than 10,000 curious people went to the city on March 8, 1980, almost half of the local population that was approximately 20 thousand inhabitants.

Edilsio Barbosa, the guy that announced the arrival of the extraterrestrials.

As is well known, the Jupiterians never landed in the city and thwarted a crowd that waited anxiously for flying saucers. The thousands of people who dawned on the scene began to hiss Edilcio Barbosa, known as spokesman of the extraterrestrials, and in the following began a tumult, that forced the “Messenger of Jupiter” to leave escorted by the police. At the time, he claimed that the aliens did not land in the city due to the large number of curious people and that they had transferred the “arrival” to a neighboring town a few days later. But again, they did not show up at the other town either.

Article on Fantástico, Brazilian TV show.

The success of the “Messenger of Jupiter” was so great, that the case recently won a documentary telling the curious story. Called “Efeito Casimiro,” the short film directed by Clarice Saliby, won national and international awards. The documentary was released in 2013, in New York, in the United States.

Reception to the Jupiterians

The reception organized for the extraterrestrials was worthy of a first contact of humanity with life outside the Earth. With the Civil Defense team of the State and the local hospital of readiness, the city of Casimiro de Abreu was in celebration to receive them. The VIP treatment offered to the Jupiter made even the local city hall install a payphone, a luxury for the time, near the landing stage.

The tributes did not end there. It was also organized an open car tour of the city, a breakfast for the extraterrestrials and the day would end with an Official Dance. As a reminder of the Earth, the then mayor of Casimiro de Abreu bought an encyclopedia with the history of humanity to give the Jupterians.


Article by Dennis Marcel on Guia do Litoral. Link to Casimiro Effect, the documentary https://g.co/kgs/wxp8EH
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