Author of best seller “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” goes on a rant speaking in Brazil

Robert Kiyosaki in Brazil.

The announcement of the NAC Brasil 2017 congress promised “two intense days to awaken your power and financial success,” highlighting international talks by Robert Kiyosaki (bestselling author “Rich Dad Poor Dad”) and Chris Gardner (who inspired film “In Search of Happiness”).

The event, held in São Paulo last weekend, gathered around 5,000 participants who paid up to R$ 2,647 for the ticket, according to the organization. Around 1000 U$D.

According to UOL For many of those present, instead of power and success, the congress aroused anger. The reason for the discontent, according to reports from several participants, was Kiyosaki. In summary, according to one of the dissatisfied goers, the author thoroughly repeated the same idea in the lectures of Saturday (23) and Sunday (24). And in addition, added the concept of the “cash flow quadrant”, presented in his book, to another course on Tuesday (26), costing R$ 6,997.

On the second day of the event, some visitors began commenting the repetition. It also caused discomfort, they said, the exaltation to the US President Donald Trump, with whom the speaker wrote the book “We Want You to Get Rich – Two Billionaires.”

At first, I honestly thought it was Alzheimer’s. Even because his assistant got together on the stage, helping. But soon I saw that her was unprepared, disinterest and then came the deception. In addition to the parallel comments, some stopped applauding when the author asked. It was when Kiyosaki – in English – told one of these “resisters” to shut up.

In the sequel, they say, he was aware that many were dissatisfied with the cost of the extra class. And gave a message to those who did not have the value for more this investment: “fuck you” (fuck you). Some people applauded, but there were boos. There was reinforcement of the security team in the lateral areas of access to the stage.

The curse was said several times, directed to the audience – as confirmed by dozens of people present in the place. The demonstration, ironically, gave rise to the name of a WhatsApp group: “Fuck You! – by Kiyosaki”. On Monday, he added 110 members who were outraged at what they saw and heard over the weekend.

Not everyone present shared the frustration or the complaints: there is praise for Kiyosaki and positive posts on social networks. However, there are reports of deleted posts and critical comments on social networks.

Easy to get rich by making others pay

Many left the congress before completion and even filled out a “refund form,” asking for the money back. In the WhatsApp group, some say they have already received reimbursement. Those who made the request said that the organizers stipulated four days for the return. The companies did not confirm, they only quoted a service channel by e-mail

Two people who stayed until the end of the congress said that after the Sunday afternoon parade, Kiyosaki returned nicer to the stage and began to share more information. They – who preferred not to identify themselves – say they had the impression that the speaker tried to soften the “climate” earlier.


Speaker does not comment on episode

The report contacted Kiyosaki’s team, who did not comment on the episode. Success Resources and Elsever Institute, who led the event, said in a statement that “the personal opinions of the speakers do not reflect their views and values.” They said that the National Achievers Congress has already had the participation of 10 million people in its 23 years of publishing in several countries.


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