Brazilian Youtubers: Gil Away de Petropolis, an explosive character

Canal Away Gil New Channel Jaime Gil da Costa, better known as Gil Brother or Away (Petrópolis, July 29, 1957) is an actor, comedian, Youtuber and former Brazilian dancer. He is known to have participated in the comedy group Hermes and Renato from MTV Brazil, where he worked for six years. Also known as Brother Away, Away Away Nilzer from Petrópolis, Gil participating in various tables of the comedy show playing various characters like beggars, drug dealers, journalists, businessmen and lawyers who have the common thread an explosive personality.

In 2011, he announced his return to the media, through a channel on YouTube, along with a website, called Canal Away. Two years later, in 2013, Channel producer abandoned the project due to lack of actor’s commitment, three months later, the Canal Away returned to the air, with the same Jigsaw, according to the 2013 protests in Brazil, this partnership lasted until 2014 when there were new problems between Gil and the Jigsaw producer.


Born July 29, 1957 (the sign of Leo), in Petrópolis. After his father separated from his mother and take another family in the capital, Gil started selling candy at traffic lights between 8 and 10 years of age to help support the family, the sweets were made by his mother. Often slept outside, because when I got home without sweets (the police confiscated at the time) and much less money, her mother and did not admit the casting. After his mother realize the damage they were giving sweets and snacks sold on the street, at age 11, Jaime began working in car washer and flanelinha at Rua brothers D’Angelo, Petropolis.

Years in prison and involvement with drugs

Gil said he was arrested almost all week; also states that adding all the time he was imprisoned, one reaches at least 15 years in prison. The first arrest was at 13 years of age, for minor offenses. In addition to arrests, he was hospitalized several times in rehabilitation clinics and even asylums. Brother says it has done everything for this “dark period of his life.” Among robberies, thefts, disturbing public order, broke cars, houses, etc. But says never committed murder.

Artistic career

Hermes & Renato
Gil was a childhood friend of the parents of the members of Hermes and Renato group. The group leaders, who lived in Petropolis at the time, discovered Gil washing cars in 2002 in the same city and invited him to participate in a call for MTV Brazil (issuing the program at the time). Gil accepted in exchange for food.

Participating in numerous other paintings to conquer their own space. Represented important personages in various humorous novels but won projection to act in his own paintings, such as Drops Away Nilzer and more recently in Away from the kitchen. At the end of 2008, he left the program. In an interview with TRIP magazine Away mind that fell out with other members of the group especially for never having received salary while working at Hermes and Renato. It also has details of how he was treated and an episode that generated the final straw for his departure from the group. In turn, the group snapped Gil of the charges in a video response March 2011.3 To date, no one has discovered what really happened to the shutdown of the humorist of the program. The members say they always helped Gil. The Away filed a lawsuit against the group in court. Gil Brother says he was “traumatized by the media” after this episode with the group.

Channel Away

In 2008, for contractual reasons, Brother Gil resigned from MTV station. Since then the comedian was living his “life in black and white” in his hometown. Thousands of fans in Brazil regretted his departure and through the internet have made several demonstrations for his return. Some TV stations came to you for trying an agreement, but the comedian refused, since these vehicles lose their identity because of censorship.
In early 2011, Mateus Tavares, CEO of producer Jigsaw Productions that followed the entire trajectory of the artist, decided to make a proposal to create a Web Platform, which also brings the great comedian again to the media, would realize the production and creation of a series of products. After presenting the proposal to Gil Brother it was not hard to get a yes, because in addition to working in conditions that Jaime wanted, he would have freedom of expression to continue with their characteristics and personality. Thus came the Canal Away.
The order, the second chance and the ultimate dissolution of Channel Away

In April 2013, the producer of the Channel Away, Jigsaw, canceled the project, citing lack of commitment of the artist with the same. The last straw for the end of the channel production was that Gil refuses to hold the shows that had been marked in São Paulo. But the producer said he would not charge the copyright of the channel nor the social networks such other person or company would produce Gil and the Canal Away.


New Channel

Gil has launched a new channel on Youtube, through a partnership with friends. Apparently, now he is in control of the production and details.

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Dutch, American, Brazilian... lived there for 5 years and owns property in Brazil. Out of the country for a few years now and would like to go back, however current circumstances tell me it's not the right time.

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Dutch, American, Brazilian... lived there for 5 years and owns property in Brazil. Out of the country for a few years now and would like to go back, however current circumstances tell me it's not the right time.