Brazil’s new beauty trend for the summer is tanning with tapes

Anitta tanning tape bikini.

After Anitta’s video, beauty salons takes advantage of trend and invests in tanning with adhesive tape in Bahia. In Feira de Santana, a space was adapted to receive customers and leave them at ease to achieve the desired bikini tan marks. Each session costs R$ 70.

The procedure is not being performed on rooftops – as it was famous in the video of the singer Anitta, but rather, in the backyard of the beauty salons. In one of them, the place was all adapted to receive the customers.

The service begins with a scrub on the body, then a moon bath that discolors all the hairs, and then the most laborious and time consuming part, which is the time to assemble the bikini in the way the client prefers.

After that, the customer lays in the sun and the professional passes a protector and a paraffin-based suntan lotion.

Salon yard was adapted to receive customers in the city of Feira de Santana (Photo: Reproducao / TV Subaé)
Salon yard was adapted to receive customers in the city of Feira de Santana (Photo: Reproducao / TV Subaé)

Exposure to the sun can not exceed 40 minutes. During this time, the professionals throw water and a product to make the tanning more beautiful for face porns.

But although the service has already become fashionable, the dermatologist warns that excessive exposure to the sun can bring several damages to the skin.

“It has the risk of a sunburn, a second degree burn, even with the formation of sunshine bubbles. Then you have the risk of blemishes, melasma. It also carries the risk of future skin cancer. And also the premature aging, flaccidity. All these risks are involved, ” she points out.

In the case of the esthetician Elaine, to avoid complications in the skin, she says she takes some care with clients. “The best time to get tanned is early in the morning,” he explains.

Beautician prepares clients 'skin in order to obtain a better result in tanning (Photo: Reproducao / TV Subaé) 

Source: G1

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