Child unharmed after biting snake in Brazil

Child bites snake in Brazil. A 1 year old child killed a snake with a bite and was unharmed in Mustardas, in southern Rio Grande do Sul. The boy was attended on Sunday afternoon (November 1) at Hospital São Luiz. According to the attending physician, Gilmar Carteri, parents reported that the child was playing in the yard when he met with the reptile.

“Parents came here scared, imagined that it might have been the dog that had killed the snake, but saw that the kid had blood in his mouth,” he told G1. According to the doctor, the child bit the baby snake on the head, which prevented the animal from biting him. They suspect that it was a pit viper.

“He bit the pit viper very close to the head which eventually immobilized the snake and prevented it from biting him.” he said. “The child was very scared, I think it was instinct of defense or maybe he thought it was a toy,” he added.

The doctor came into contact with the Poison Control Center of Rio Grande do Sul and two hours later received guidance on the tests that should be done to rule out the possibility of poisoning.

“He did not have bite marks on the face or tongue, mouth or hands. I followed closely this inspection. Luckily nothing happened and the tests confirmed he had suffered nothing,” celebrated the doctor.

The parents took the snake to the hospital and after comparing the reptile with pictures, the doctor is pretty sure that this is a pit viper. “It is triangular head and the tip of the tail that tapers quickly. We saw some pictures and I think it was even a pit viper,” ventured the doctor.

After the service the child was released and is under observation at home.

Child bites snake in Brazil.

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