First erotic park to be built in São Paulo

ErotikaLand Sao PauloIn an effort to demystify sex for the Brazilian population, which every day seems to be more conservative, Evaldo Shiroma, founder of the thematic fair Erotika Fair, that happens every year in Sao Paulo, will build an erotic playground in Brazil.

“It’s a dream of mine since 1998. I was inspired by the parks in the erotic market and the market,” said Shiroma, this last Friday, November 6, 2015 to IG Delas.

According to the creator, who has two partners, the park is unique in the world and is scheduled for opening on late 2017. The park would be the result of attractions developed at the fair itself (Erotika Fair).

According to the businessman, every year he develops something different to the park for almost 20 years. “I can not talk about the land and even the exact location of the park for several contractual reasons,” he says, stating only that the project should be in São Paulo.

Below a few attractions mentioned at the report to IG Delas.

Cinema 7D
During the projection, the chairs and the environment transmit sensations of the film to the audience, such as heat, cold and vibration;

Train of pleasures
A kind of “erotic ghost train” with gogo boys and girls gogo in the place of ghosts;

According to Shiroma, visitors will have the option of staying for a day or for hours on site, like a motel, and there will be a convention center;

Erotic Museum
A place with permanent exhibition of erotic art

Nudist pool
The area that promises to be one of the most frequented places.

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