Hackathon Globo 2017 to be presented by Fernanda Gentil

Hackathon Globo – a TV Globo event for developers and software designers – comes to its third edition in 2017. The meeting of the participants, which traditionally happens at Big Brother Brazil, at the end of the BBB, at TV Globo studios, is scheduled to last 33 uninterrupted hours from 9 am on May 13 at 6 pm on May 14 . Candidates for “new brothers” will be divided into 13 groups of four people – totaling 52 places in the most watched house in Brazil.

As in the TV Globo program, participants will not be able to leave the premises of the Globo studios during the event, and during the thirty hours they will prepare a presentation for the evaluation bank, which will be composed of eight members, so that their project can  dispute.

Hackathon Globo 2017 Awards

TV Globo will award the three best projects developed during the hackathon, judged under the criteria of applicability, creativity, innovation and / or usability. Each participant in the group who has their project selected as the best by the appraisal bank will receive as their main award a three-day visit to Silicon Valley, the birthplace of modern technology in California, including round-trip airfare and lodging, By the TV station.

Hackathon Globo 2017 logo.

For the group in second place, each member will receive a ticket to the largest rock concert in the country (to be defined). And third, a hosting voucher for cloud applications on a quality cloud server for each participant in this group (it’s likely to be Amazon AWS).

Registration for the event are already open on the Hackathon Globo website (hackathonglobo.com). The hackathon happens on May 13 and May 14th . According to the organization of TV Globo, participants of previous editions can register as mentors of the newbies.

See the invitation by Fernanda Gentil for the Hackathon Globo 2017

The event is a partnership between Globo’s Human Capital and the company’s technology area to introduce young people to the systems used behind the scenes and encourage them to have ideas on how they can help improve them, be it with new solutions or the simplification of processes.

In the 2016 edition, participants had contact with technologies such as 3D camera, virtual reality systems and arduino, an electronic board that allows the creation of a number of interactive devices.

At the end of more than 30 hours of continuous work, competitors will submit their projects to a jury.

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