Leonardo Di Caprio and other brazilian celebrities enjoy Trancoso in Bahia

Actor Leonardo Di Caprio came to Brazil for New Year’s Eve in Trancoso, Bahia. This Friday, 30, he was spotted on the Rio Verde Beach, a place known for its peacefulness. Di Caprio tried to be discreet and wore sunglasses and a cap. Trancoso has been hosting the Haute party for eight years, which was chosen by the actor.

The actor is staying in a house on Praia do Espelho and is constantly surrounded by several security guards. The 2016 Oscar winner opted for the village also chosen by Sasha Meneghel to celebrate the arrival of 2017.
In the photos, the actor appears bearded, with sunglasses, cap and underwear. In the first few clicks, Leo appears more discreet, tanning and smoking. A few moments later, however, the Hollywood star, named as an affair of the model Nina Agdal, entered the sea surrounded by friends, including the journalist Cristina Cordula.

Leo di Caprio at Trancoso beach in Bahia.
Leo di Caprio at Trancoso beach in Bahia.

According to the site “Glamurama”, to confirm attendance at the “We Love Trancoso” party, Xuxa Meneghel’s daughter demanded that her photos be treated by a team before being sent to the company. The organization of the event planned to release the images on the morning of the last Thursday (29), however, the student fashion staff would only release their clicks after 2:00 pm the same day. That way, only one click from the student was released during the party.

Caio Castro has taken a lot of his days off in Trancoso, Bahia. This Thursday, the actor enjoyed a party in the pool watered by the drink and with the presence of friends. In a relaxed mood, he took a photo with a fan and waved at the paparazzo.

On Wednesday night, Caio went to the party “Tardezinha”, in the Café de La Musique. At the time, the actor took the stage and sang alongside Thiaguinho. The artist prepares to play Dom Pedro, in the next soap opera, which is scheduled to debut in March 2017.

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