New Years in Trancoso, one of the best parties of Brazil

Neymar parties with beautiful brazilian girls.

Neymar parties with beautiful brazilian girls.For 8 years now, an agency from Sao Paulo has been promoting Brazil’s most hyped up New Years party. In the charming Trancoso village in Bahia, Haute Agency is hosting between December 27th and January 2nd, the traditional Haute’s events calendar, which includes The New Year’s Eve party known as the “Taípe Party”, that happens for 17 years at Taípe Beach.

The agency has even created the “Haute Air”, with charter flights from Sao Paulo for Haute customers, with exclusive services, open bar and special gifts.

In Trancoso, they have a house, the “Casa Haute” in the Quadrado, where guests gather for invitations and gifts, and various brand activations will happen.

With a diversified line-up, composed by Brazilian and international DJs kept in secret until the party begins, it is a reference in terms of good parties in Brazil, lasting for 12 hours until sunrise.  Following the Brazilian tradition, all guests dress white and make wishes for the New Year, facing the sea. Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Bianca Brandolini, Ana Beatriz Barros and Izabel Goulart are some of the celebrities that danced on the sands of the Taípe Beach already, with the sea at one side and the cliffs at the other.

The sunrise on the beach at Trancoso is one of the best New Years in Brazil.
The sunrise on the beach at Trancoso is one of the best New Years in Brazil.

In this next edition, the party will count for the first time with the complete open bar system and will also have a sustainable action to reduce the production of waste and educate the participants about the waste problem.

Trancoso is the new Angra dos Reis: beautiful beaches, spectacular houses, fun parties and difficult to reach and always have the risk of falling a historical waterfront and melar the New Year’s Eve of everyone.

While Angra, scene of the unforgettable Réveillons of Brazilian businessmen in the year 2000 was summarily forgotten by the celebrities, Trancoso overflowed of paulistas, mineiros, cariocas, gringos and even Bahianos.

The biggest stars of the 2016 season were Neymar and his 40 friends (who wanted to have the club at parties, had to add the + 40 on the door list), who turned the dance Zeh Pretim, designer Peter Dundas, designer Emilio Pucci – who, they say, is out of the mark – tops Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, who just left the house in the last few days to go to the beach and look there.

Neymar parties with beautiful brazilian girls.
Neymar parties with beautiful brazilian girls.

Complete Schedule:

– The first party “Corona Sunsets” occurs on Dec 27 th in the charming beach of Rio da Barra. On Dec 28 th , called “We Love Trancoso”, this 8-year- old party takes place next to the historical Quadrado Church, postcard of the village.
– On Dec 29th the “Saravá” party plays only Brazilian hits from all times, at the riverside of the Trancoso River. The “Pre-Reveillon” party happens on Dec 30th bringing back the crowd to the Quadrado area.
– After the “Taípe Party” on Dec 31 st , there is a break from one day until the first party of 2017, the “Ressaca”, that happens on Jan 2 nd , at the beach, as a farewell party, and a chance to say good-bye and get contacts of the season new made friends!

The packages of tickets for all the parties are on sale at

People from all parts of the world can contact and get support and help to attend the party.

About “Taípe Party”:

Considered one of the best  New Year’s Eve parties in Brazil, the “Taípe Party” happens for 17 years and gathers approximately 2.500 people, among

celebrities from all parts of the world. It takes place in the sands of the Taípe Beach with the sea at one side and the beautiful cliffs at the other.

People party till sunrise at Trancosos famous New Years beach parties.

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