Police finds contract with friends of Bruno, the kid that disappeared in Acre

Bruno's friend goes under arrest.

Marcelo Ferreira, Bruno Borges’s imprisoned friend, who disappeared in Acre in March of this year, helped him enroll in the psychology student’s room and exchanged messages with another friend involved in executing the plans celebrating the wide spread of the books. In the messages found in Marcelo’s cell phone, seized on Wednesday, police encountered conversations with him with Márcio Gaiote. In the house of this young man were found a rack and the bed of Bruno Borges. In one of the excerpts from the conversations revealed by the police, Marcelo and Márcio celebrated interest in Bruno’s books: “Let’s get rich,” they said.

In a previous testimony to the police, Marcelo had denied any involvement with the works or with the disappearance of the student. However, according to delegate Alcino Júnior, he acted directly in the execution of Bruno’s ideas.

In the morning of this Wednesday (31) the delegate Alcino Júnior informed the report that two warrants of search and apprehension regarding the disappearance of the young alchemist Bruno Borges were fulfilled. According to the information provided, two contracts were found between Bruno and two of his friends, Marcelo Ferreira and Márcio Gaiote. In the text of the document it is agreed the sharing of profits from the publications of the 14 works left by the academic before his disappearance.

Bruno's friend goes under arrest.

In the text of the document it is agreed to share the profits. One of the contracts was even notarized on the day Bruno was last seen.

He said police are not yet sure where the student’s whereabouts or circumstances are currently, but that he is now working with the line of investigation for a possible marketing move engineered by the trio.

Bruno’s friend Marcelo Ferreira is currently in custody and may be charged with false testimony and omission for failing to provide information regarding the contract in his first statement to the police.

Family defends Bruno Borges

The family of the disappeared student defends Bruno after netizens affirm that the disappearance is a “marketing throw” for the works left by him. Bruno has left 14 books encrypted in his room and the launch of one of them will happen soon, according to the student’s sister, Gabriela Borges.

The contract between Bruno and the friends.

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