Star Wars actor Oscar Isaac visits Brasilia

Chef Dudu Camargo and the Star Wars actor.Oscar Isaac, who also starred on the films “Drive” and “The Most Violent Year”, was at the Brazilian federal capital on vacation.

The actor Oscar Isaac did try not to draw attention during his visit to Brasilia, but no one belonging to “Star Wars” can …

One of the protagonists of “Star Wars: Force Awakening,” the Guatemalan Oscar Isaac, who plays the pilot Poe Dameron in JJ Abrams’s film was seen on Thursday (7/1) in a Brasilia restaurant. The star was accompanied by a woman. He was seen around 8pm sitting at a common table. The pair were for about 40 minutes at the bar area, and in the relaxed atmosphere, consumed house drinks and traditional caipirinhas.

The chef Dudu Carmargo alternated between the kitchen and the restaurant when the actor arrived. “Look who came to dinner in Dudu Bar hj! “Olha quem veio jantar no Dudu Bar hj! Piloto da resistência! Oscar Isaac!!! show!!” read the caption on the chef’s publication on Instagram.

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Joe Cloud
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