Supermarket chain big sale event attracts crowds and generates the best memes of Brazil

Aniversário Guanabara, big retail discounts.

Queues to take advantage of the Guanabara supermarket chain’s birthday began in the early hours this Friday morning for the event that should attract one million people in the first three days alone. The store gates opened at 8am.

For those who live in Rio de Janeiro, the network of supermarkets Guanabara is celebrating their birthday in October and, starting on the 20th, will hold a promotion where it is possible to save up to 60% on more than 2,000 products.

According to the company’s marketing director, the Guanabara birthday event, which has been going on for 24 consecutive years, has become one of the most anticipated events in Rio de Janeiro’s retail. Guanabara’s birthday videos have been so successful last year that they’ve even made room in the US media. The NY Post has published a story that “there are so many people in the stores” and the excitement of consumers is such that the event “humiliates Black Friday” of the country.

The Guanabara supermarket chain’s birthday begins only on Friday, but already moves social networks with the attempt of unemployed workers to generate extra income during the event. Some netizens offer their services to save place in the queue, especially for the waiting in the supermarket cashiers, which in the first days passes of four hours.

In pages on social networks, they advertise the services and agree to be part of the purchases as long as the interested party passes on a list of desired products. The supermarket chain expects to receive more than one million consumers in the 25 stores in the first three days of the event, which offers more than two thousand products with more than 60% discount.

Guanabara’s birthday videos have been so successful last year that they’ve even made room in The NY Post.

Guanabara birthday!

More than 21 thousand employees mobilized

According to the Guanabara, more than 21 thousand people will be mobilized directly and the total disbursed this year is R $ 30 million. The network expects a 70% increase in customer flow during the 42 days of commemoration. Customers will be able to win, by lottery, cars, gold bar bonds in the amount of R $ 200 thousand each, and purchases of R $ 200.

Check the preparations for the event

Employees – The birthday happens simultaneously in all 25 units of the network and, in order to speed up service, the company hired 4 thousand new employees to reinforce the store staff. Those who stand out can be effective.

Traffic Coordinators – Approximately 80 traffic operation coordinators were selected to assist drivers in the areas around supermarkets. In some stores, parking sensors and electronic parking sensors were also installed.

Trucks – Logistics has also been changed so there are no missing products in stock. Guanabara will work with a total of 1,100 trucks that will make three deliveries per day in each of the 25 units of the network.

Carts – The number of cars has also increased and 30,000 units will be available, 5,000 more than the amount offered in the previous edition, also because people take more than one cart to the event!

Check below the best videos of this years event so far!

Last years videos!

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