The weird story of the councilman who stapled his own organ in Brazil

Town Councilman stapled own organ to table.

You must be asking yourself but stay calm, the story is real. And serious. I mean… a bit serious because it’s pretty funny too.
A 29-year-old city councilor decided to enter a bizarre bet and ended up stapling his own d*ck on a table. The case had repercussion and won the brazilian WhatsApp groups.

By the title of the post you clearly realize that “Now yes I have seen everything” but that does not apply to Brazil. When did you imagine that you would see the news about a councilman from the city of Witmarsum in Santa Catarina state, who was filmed stapling his own p*s on a table and the video ended up shocking the inhabitants of that town?

I know it’s hard to believe. That is why this post is accompanied by a video report about the scandal in the small city of Santa Catarina. Why did councilman Marcos Montibeller do this? The hottest hypothesis is the usual: he has lost a bet. But neither he nor his parliamentary colleagues wanted to comment on the bizarre case.

Below, the report of the Bela Aliança TV Station on the case:

Witmarsum is a small town in the southeaster state of Santa Catarina in Brazil as you can see from the map below:


It’s existance is mistaken with Withmarsum in the Netherlands on TripAdvisor. That area of Brazil is known as “european valley”due to the amount of european migration to that area in the past. Brazil is known for having some very weird politician stories, as this recent one about an escapade in Brazilia.

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