Winner of the Miss Bumbum 2015 featured on the international press

TMZ Miss BumbumThe grand final of Miss Bumbum 2015 came to prominence in the international press on Tuesday, November 10th. Sites like TMZ and The Sun highlighted the victory of Suzy Cortez in the final of the contest held in São Paulo.

TMZ celebrated the physical attribute that crowned the new miss Suzy Brazilian butt, while The Sun sought to report in more detail the entire broadcast of the contest which brought together 500 candidates before the grand finale with only 15 women in the dispute. The Sun even reminded Andressa Urach, former Vice Champion who almost died in search of the perfect body.

The 2015 Miss Bum bum title went to Miss Distrito Federal, Suzy Cortez, who became famous on the web as host Daniella Cicarelli look-alike.

The decision was in the hands of a team of judges such as Kléber Bambam, Cacau Colucci, Tati Minerato, Denise Rocha, Miss Bum 2014, but a British journalist linked to “The Sun”, responsible for the audit of the votes.

“Their booty has to be perfect: no cellulite, without “estrias” and totally natural,” said Bambam, seeming to be the more “demanding” of the jurors. Tati Minerato, on the other hand, said details such as those mentioned by the ex-BBB are “there in every woman”.


Presented by the last winner, Indianara Carvalho, the contest is divided into two parts: “elegant: a gala parade” and “Beach – on which, just lingerie”, girls have three minutes to show their attributes to the judges with a performance of their choice.

The juror of the 2015 contest

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