Amanda Miury from Gaiola das Gostozudas tries a circus fitness class in Rio

Amanda Miuri, Jaula das Gostozudas, practicing circus fitness.How about exercising with tissue, hoops (metal acrobatic hoop) and elevated bar, plus a warming routine that includes 700 sit-ups and still have fun? That is the circus fitness, an activity that is gaining adepts who want to lose weight but who prefer to keep away from the gym.

By invitation from O Dia, the carioca newspaper, Amanda Miury, 25, lead singer of the group Gaiola das Gostozudas, held a fitness circus class at a Dance Center in Rio.

But before venturing out, watch these tips: “Before starting the workout, the student must do some stretching. In class, we reserve 30 minutes just for that. And we need to stretch the entire body, since all the muscles are required in these exercises,” teaches Elder, which adds. “The class is adapted according to the condition of the student. Many are surprised by what they can do. ”

Benefits of the Circus Fitness

Improves fitness
Increases the quality of teamwork
Greater body flexibility
Strengthens muscles
Increases resistance
Models and define muscles
Improves self-confidence
Assists in posture

By the way, if you don’t know the Jaula das Gostozudas, check them out on the videos below.

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