Brazil Fitness Market: food, clothing and lots of gyms

Brazil Gym Fitness GirlsThe Brazilian fitness industry is pumped. From 2007 to now, the number of gyms jumped to 15,551, which is double from 2007, and in 2009, earned $ 1.11 billion.

Brazil is the second-ranked at the number of gym academies, having to face the United States, which has nearly 30,000 academies.

Data are from the last report from IHRSA Association (International Health, Racquer & Sportclub), an international organization of the sector.

Brazilian Fitness influences have a wide net of followers on Instagram and other social media platforms, showing how strong the fitness industry is in the country and the reasons are:


  • Increase in income of the population;
  • Dissemination of healthy lifestyle;
  • Brazil to host the World Cup in 2014;
  • Brazil to host the 2016 Olympics;

And amazingly, the growth of the fitness sector was driven by the Emerging Class (Class C and D).

Forecasts for the fitness industry in Brazil

In the next 10 years Brazil will be the greatest country in the area of ​​physical activity, health and well-being;
The segment that will grow the most are the low cost gyms; The rise of the bottom of the pyramid of classes will further boost the growth of the fitness industry.

Prices for working out range from R$ 50 to R$ 75.

Indicators that are thermometers of the Fitness Industry

In September, the IHRSA Fitness Brazil (trade fair Fitness) waiting 15 foreign exhibitors to come to the country for the first time;
Rio Sports Show, trade show also correlated with physical activities, presents the following numbers:

There is a great opportunity for businesses in the fitness food area and fitness clothing industry, since Brazil is also a tendency launcher.

Brazil leads all indicators in revenue ($ 2.4 billion) in number of academies (23,398) and number of users (7 million). Mexico and Argentina are the second and third largest markets in the region. Mexico generates about $ 1.5 billion in revenues over 7800 gyms that cater to 2.7 million members.

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