Brazilian bodybuilding muse trains for the Arnold competition

Darla Soares brazilian bodybuilder
Darla Soares brazilian bodybuilder

The routine of a bodybuilder is not easy. Whether amateur or professional, the sport requires a lot of dedication of the athletes who dream to shine on stage. In addition to the heavy training, rest and balanced meals with strict diets based on proteins and carbohydrates, are also part of everyday life of these super athletes. Dairla Soares, professional bodybuilder, has many titles conquered throughout her short career and lives intensely this routine. After being champion Overall World Cup RN, the Natal native will represent the state in the biggest competition of the sport, the Arnold Classic, which will take place between 29 and 31 May in Rio de Janeiro.

The bodybuilder is in the final stages of preparation and told her routine recently to the Globo Esporte website. Dairla is not new to the sport. She began attending the gym at 15 years of age. Despite having started early, Dairla only climbed on the stage for tournaments eight years later, and tells why and how she began competing.

Dairla says that the Brazilian scene is experiencing boom period, especially in the last two years. According to her, this growth occurs because of the stimulation of the regional federations. However, any effort goes against an important factor: the cost of the sport.

Darla Soares brazilian bodybuilder pictures.
Darla Soares brazilian bodybuilder pictures.
According to Dairla, bodybuilding is a very expensive sport for anyone who is still an amateur athlete and needs to bear all the costs of this practice. Added to this, the lack of sponsorship for Brazilian athletes is a problem. According to the athlete, the sponsors are who pays all the necessary supplementation to the daily lives of the athlete and the tickets and accommodation costs when she needs to travel to a competition or sport event.

Professional athlete for three years now, Dairla is sponsored by an American bodybuilding brand. The athlete lives in Natal, where she trains from Sunday to Sunday in a gym in the Southern part of the city. With a strong and fit body, she can be considered by some as a “strong woman“. With 1,62m tall and weighing 55 pounds when in competition period, she admits that there’s a prejudice to the body of the athletes like her but confesses that she gets more compliments than criticism.

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