Fight dance mixes combat techniques with dance and burns up to 1000 calories

Fight dance Kauan GracieThe passion for dance and charmed by fighting arts, which comes from family, were some of the reasons Kauan Gracie creating the Fight Dance, lessons that unites the movements of self defense, kickboxing and boxing dance steps.

Newly created, the class is quite intense and can be a great ally in the fight to lose weight. “It lasts 50 minutes. In this time, we do a bit of everything, I try to get the students to move all the time. For dance, the idea is to choose something very agitated, a hip hop or rockzinho.

Kauan also explains what body parts are worked with Fight Dance. “The struggle is that it is a unilateral activity, and it bothers me. In boxing, for example, you get the entire class standing in the same position. The cool thing is you work the entire body. The Fight Dance shapes thighs, arms, back, buttocks and triceps. The musculature is greatly strengthened. ”

Fully democratic, exercise can be done by people of all ages and has no prerequisite. “The only requirement does not want to stand still. Earlier this month, we made a aulão, and it was really cool. Ladies had 60, 70 years participating and also seen muscular women 20. No one needs to be a born dancer or a professional fighter. Each learns in their own time. ”

To Kauan, the biggest benefit in this practice are women. “They care a lot about the issue of fitness. They want a sequinho and defined body. But it’s also nice to think that the students gain a good sense of self defense. This is important, especially with the city the way it is “, he says.

Ten benefits of Fight Dance

1 Works motor coordination

2 Develop self-confidence

3 Sets the muscles

4 has a high rate of calorie burning

5 stimulates body awareness

6 Models and sets the body

7 Exercise the musicality and the rhythm

8 develops the flexibility of the body

9 Enhances sensuality

10 Helps sense of well-being

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