Meet Joana Machado, brazilian fitness model

Joana Machado InstagramAt 34 years old, completed on Nov. 13, Joana Machado has an extensive life experience. First time mother at 17, she now leaves the troubled relationship with the soccer player Adriano Emperor in the past and dedicates herself to her career and children.

Her body which was on the cover of Sexy Magazine in March 2011, today models in print lingerie catalogs and bikinis photo shoots.

Winner of the reality show The Farm, Joana said she suffered from the sudden fame she gained after the program. “When I joined, I was not even known and when I left was very different! I was not going anywhere without being recognized. Today I walk normally, but before I thought I had to be always neat, makeup,” she said, showing the side more complex fame.

Even after two pregnancies, the brazilian fitness model keeps a great relationship with her body.

But Joana says she doesn’t want to live off of that only has working by doing acting classes.

For her, keep an agenda as a model, mother and student, is not easy. But a stimulus keeps her going strong. “I love my fans! They are my great supporters. They do not admit that I give up, they push me, want to see me in the air, doing something,” she said excitedly, already nearing 27,000 followers on Instagram.

Follow Joanna Machado on Instagram and Twitter. Find more pictures of Joana Machado on a recent photoshoot she made for Revista Quem.

Joana Machado gym workout clothes.

Joana Machado on the beach. joana_machado_quem

Pictures from Revista Quem.

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