Pole dancing lady goes famous after public performance on a beach in Santos

Pole dancing lady performance on the beach in Santos.

The sunny and scorching hot days in Santos, at the coast of São Paulo, inspired a woman to take advantage, in a very unusual way, of her at the beach. She decided to use a public lighting pole to practice pole dancing in broad daylight.

The scene caught the eye of those who passed by on Tuesday morning (3/1). Quickly, the images viralized on the internet. However, no one was able to unveil the identity of the dancer, who left without speaking to anyone.

According to a G1 report, the images were recorded on José Menino beach, at 133 Presidente Avenue. By means of a note, the Municipal Department of Security informed that if the scene repeats itself, the orientation will be in the sense of avoiding such practice, since it deals with damage to the public patrimony.

Pole dancing lady performance on the beach in Santos.
Pole dancing lady performance on the beach in Santos.

Images that went viral on the internet and in instant messaging mobile groups applications on Wednesday show a woman practicing pole dance on a lamppost Light on the shore of Santos. Pole dancing is considered a form of dance and gymnastics have become popular in recent years, especially in Brazilian academies.

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