Watch the transformation of these Brazilian fitness models!

Juju Salimeni InstagramDieting, weight lifting, sweating on the treadmill, taking supplements … Getting the perfect body takes work and requires a lot of discipline. In the celebrity world, many muses are willing to face this routine to win the muscles and desired curves. The amount of brazilian beautiesthat transformed their physical structure with a lot of workout is very big. Among them is Gracyanne Barbosa. Currently, she makes a living as a fitness model. Those who see her today, hardly believe that a few years ago, in 2008, when she was a dancer at the group “Tchakabum” she was very skinny.
But in addition to Gracyanne, Juju Salimeni, Penélope Nova and others brazilian girls are in the cast of “super saradas”, how brazilians call strong people. In some cases, the transformation is impressive. See below.

Juju Salimeni Instagram
Juju Salimeni on Instagram.

Juju Salimeni
When she began her career in television as one of the dancers of the “Panico on TV”, the São Paulo blonde had a fit body. But over time, she began to further work out and increase her lean body mass. But in 2012, after she began dating personal trainer Felipe Franco, she decided to get bigger. Today, Salimeni impresses with swollen muscles and bulging veins.

Michelle Crisfepe

Michelly Crisfepe
During her participation in the “BBB 11” Brazil Big Brother when she became known to the public, the São Paulo native kept complaining of her fitness. She considered herself a little overweight. Since leaving the reality show, however, she decided to change. With a lot of working out, she became more strong. In 2012, she began dating personal trainer Carlos Tomaiolo. With much loved stimulus, the girl entered the fitness world and now impresses with very strong body.

Gabriela Pugliese.

Gabriela Pugliesi
Prior to becoming a famous fitness blogger, she showed a pretty normal body in 2012. Determined to change in about a year she dried up and became more fit. Currently, she is even stronger. Compare her transformation:

Kelly Key before and after.

Kelly Key
In 2001, early in her career, the “carioca” drew attention to her body in shape. Since then, she has had two children, but she managed to keep working out. A few months ago, however, she began a fitness project on social networks and has impressed her followers with her muscles.

Mayra Cardi.

Mayra Cardi
In 2009, during her participation in the “BBB 9”, this “paulista” was already receiving praises for her beautiful body. Leaving the reality show, she intensified her training and became even stronger. But a few months since she giving diet and workout tips online, she wanted to make herself an example of good form. Now, Mayra impresses with its thick thighs, cracked abdomen cracked and very thin waist.

Penelope Nova, ex-brazilian MTV
Penelope Nova, ex-brazilian MTV.

Penélope Nova
At 42 years old, the São Paulo tv presenter is an example of a “sarada”  woman. Fond of gyms, Penelope lives by publishing pictures of her training routine at the gym. It is hard to remember that at the beginning of her career on tv as a VJ on MTV in 1997, the girl had a normal body.

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