The richest man in Brazil owns Budweiser, Burger King and Heinz, and wants more

Jorge Paulo Leman, brazilian business man.Jorge Paulo Lemann, 76, is the richest man in Brazil for the fourth consecutive year and also the one that earned more money last year.

According to “Forbes Brazil” magazine, its assets grew 23.76%: from R$ 83.7 billion in 2015 to R$ 103.59 billion in 2016 –a of R$ 19.89 billion jump. Until then, no Brazilian had broken the mark of R$ 100 billion, according to the magazine.

Lemann’s enrichment is a gain of R$ 54.34 million per day, or US$ 2.26 million per hour in a year, considering one more day in February. The magazine estimated the change in equity in the period from 12 months to 15 July 2016.

A former professional tennis player, Lemann is a partner at investment firm 3G Capital Partners, which owns brands such as Budweiser, Burger King and Heinz. In Brazil, he has a stake in Ambev, brewer as Brahma, Skol and Antarctica.

Most of his fortune comes from participation in AB Inbev, the largest brewing group in the world. In October last year, the company announced the purchase of rival and deputy leader of the SABMiller beer market for more than $100 billion. The completion of the deal is pending approval by the competition of world bodies.

Members of the 3G Capital, Lemann, Marcel Herrmann Telles, 66, and Carlos Alberto Sicupira, 66, also saw their fortunes grow in a year, according to the magazine.

Telles, the third richest in Brazil, increased its equity of R$ 6.43 billion, from R$ 42.26 billion last year, to R$ 48.69 billion this year.

Sicupira, the fourth in the ranking of Brazilian billionaires earned R$ 6.23 billion. His fortune, estimated at R$ 36.93 billion in 2014, rose to R$ 43.16 billion in 2015.

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Joe Cloud
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