The origins of the brazilian passion for the ”hips’… from the 70’s dancers to the fruit women of the ‘carioca’ funk music

It’s not merely by chance that Brazil is known, among other reasons, as “the country of the A**”. Besides the peculiar genetic of the Brazilian Women, the history of show business has always been marked by tupiniquim girls (most known Brazilian Indian tribe, synonym for Brazilians) who have dared and proudly raised the banner of “Queens of the Bum-Bum(you can figure out what this word is).”

In 1954, Martha Rocha lost the title of Miss Universe to the American Miriam Stevenson. In Brazil, the shapes of the girl were considered perfect for a miss. But legend has it that the gringos eliminated Martha because she had two inches more in her hips.

Beside genetics, another little fashion detail – little, clearly – gave strength to the symbolism surrounding the “national passion”. Created in 1946 in France, the bikini became popular in Brazil in the late 50’s. The small two-piece outfit was a hit among the starlets who exhibited themselves on beaches like Copacabana and soon the pieces of cloth started calling the attention on Brazilian beaches, covering a few body parts of girls.

In the ’70s came the “bottoms” that would change the history of the cult to the Brazilian derriere: Rita Coutinho, known as Rita Cadillac, and Mary Odette Brito de Miranda, known as Gretchen.

Gretchen in the 80s

Gretchen came out strong in the 80s. Known as “Queen of Rebolado(means to move your hips, in portuguese),” the brunette got famous for dancing and singing the hits “Freak Le Boom Boom”, “Melo do Piripipi” and “Conga, conga, conga.” This year, “the reboladeira” decided to pass her title of “Bottom’s Queen” to her niece – the funk singer Carol Miranda.

After the veterans, the labor market was open to new popozudas(hard to translate. Would be something like large hips). In the 90s, Carla Perez catalyzed thousands of men “holding the tchan”(a famous song in the 90s) with mini-shorts and her more than 100 cm buttock. Her PLAYBOY, which came out in October 1996, occupies the 9th position of the top 10 best selling magazines – it sold 778,000 copies.
Some years later, the group “’E o Tchan” launched a new muse, Scheila Carvalho, elected three times as the sexiest woman in the world by VIP magazine. Alone, “the brunette of the Tchan” (as she is known) is in 4th place in the ranking of PLAYBOY, selling 845,000 copies of the magazine in February 1998. The “brunette of the tchan” also ranked No. 5, as the result of a photo shoot she did with Sheila Mello, Carla Perez’s replacement on the ‘E o Tchan’ group, which sold 838,000 magazines. With both, it starts in Brazil a new wave of dancers.


Another phenomenon of the ’90s were the creations of the tv host Luciano Huck: Joana Prado, “The Witch”, and Suzana Alves, “The Auntie,” who were daily in the “H”, a tv show on Band tv station. Each of them appears twice in the list of 10 best-selling of the Brazilian Playboy history. Joana posed three times. The first, as “The Witch”, without even taking off the veil that she wore, is number one with a million and 247,000 copies sold in December 1999. Then, she who strutted dressed in odalisque, reappears in eighth place in the list, of the publication in August 2000.
Tiazinha, The Auntie

As for Tiazinha, “The Auntie,” that warmed the fantasies of boys with sadomasochistic looks, composite mask and whip, takes the place of the second best-selling Playboy magazine in Brazil. The magazine of the brunette, who was published in March 1999, sold one million and 224,000 copies. Reappearing in the list in seventh place, Susana also had record sales with the magazine in March 2000.
Mulher Melancia, watermelon woman

In the late 90s, a successful music style from Rio takes over the country: the funk – known worldwide as Brazilian funk or ‘carioca'(someone from Rio de Janeiro) funk. With explicit lyrics and clothes that would let the aunts Gretchen and Rita Cadillac ashamed, a great number of characters appear. From nurses, to ninjas, to even fruit salad girls. The first and most famous of the fruit women was the Watermelon Woman – for the moment, the most famous buttock in the country with respectable 119 cm, which taught people to dance the “Créu”(a song that talks about the speed in which one shakes ones hips) and then launched herself as a singer of sorts with the “6th Speed”(listen to the song here and know what I’m talking about: In 2008 alone, she has posed twice for Playboy magazine.

Watermelon Woman has emerged as the new queen of the “country of the hips” when Gretchen decided to pass her crown, following the laws of the monarchy: all in the family. In May 2008, Carol Miranda – funkeira(funk singer) and dancer – assumed the throne left by her aunt. “I always admired my aunt, but never imagined myself doing the same thing,” said the girl, which is also mirrored in Scheila Carvalho to ‘rebolar’. And the fruit salad of the Brazilian funk music continues with new “popozuda” brunettes: Mulher Jaca(Jackfruit Woman), Strawberry Woman, Apple Woman and Melon Woman.

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Joe Cloud
Dutch, American, Brazilian... lived there for 5 years and owns property in Brazil. Out of the country for a few years now and would like to go back, however current circumstances tell me it's not the right time.

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Dutch, American, Brazilian... lived there for 5 years and owns property in Brazil. Out of the country for a few years now and would like to go back, however current circumstances tell me it's not the right time.