Claudia Leitte launches catchy hit eyeing global market

Claudia Leitte at her new video Carnaval

Another scene from the Carnaval video.Claudia Leitte published in São Paulo her new song, Carnaval, which gives the starting point in a globalization plan of the singer’s career. On the eve of one of the biggest Brazilian festivals, singer Claudia Leitte launches the video of her new single Carnival. With a vibrant color scene recorded in Miami, the song features the participation of the singer Pitbul and promises to emanate all the glitter and the energy of the season outside of Brazil.

The song was recorded in the three hegemonic languages ​​of America: English, Spanish and a version that mixes Portuguese with Spanish. For her, the challenge of singing in a different language will be rewarded soon when she steps up on the electric trio in Salvador Carnival  hoping that thisaudience will shake with the new song.

Claudia Leitte’s confidence with the success of the song comes from other times. In 2015 the singer released Corazón, a partnership with the reggaetom icon Daddy Yankee and, according to her, the song was a hit in the streets of Salvador. “At that time there was no slowdown yet and it was a blast. If we go down the music path, everything works out,” she says, playing with the 2017 hit.

A long trajectory

Although Carnival arrived in February 2018, the construction of this project dates back many years of collaboration between Claudia Leitte and Pitbull. Since her debut at the 2014 World Cup, the singer has tightened ties with the rapper and claims to have done a lot of work with the musician. “It was not difficult to connect with him because he is the King of Carnival, he knows how to move the masses. This is his house,” she says.

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