TomorrowLand Brasil Selfie Festival

Tomorrowland's Dirty PoolThe Tomorrowland Brazil, which took place on Saturday (April 23) in Itu (São Paulo), is investing heavily in bringing renowned attractions of musical electronic scene. But the same can not be said of spaces for leisure. Unlike Lollapalooza, for example, which offers the public a small amusement park, the Tomorrowland electronic festival presents a unique attraction: The Fusion Pool.

With total capacity of 500 people, the pool attracts massive queues with youth swimming trunks and bikini prepared to fall into the water. No matter her condition, which is increasingly mess with the flow of people, but what counts is cool in the “warmth” of 40 ° C which is the Maeda Park.

Dreamville, Tomorrowlands camping area, is where the public can sleep during the days of the event. Here, about 20 thousand people from 65 nationalities. A four minutes bath goes for R$ 15.

The structure and set design impressive from the entrance, guarded by a giant inflatable rainbow. Inside, there is a common area equipped with a bakery, convenience store, bathrooms with showers, bars and food shops, mobile charging points, among other facilities.

The type of accommodation depends on the category of tickets. In the simplest (R$ 250), the participant takes their own tent. In “Spectacular Dream Lodge”, pays real R$ 5.200 and is entitled to a small tent with a wooden deck on the front.

On a table at Tomorrowland, a group of friends of a businessman from Goiania Paulo Henrique Costa squandered a small fortune of R$ 40,000 they invested in whiskey, vodka and champagne.

Their ostentation added to the avalanche of selfies show that the part of some regulars of Tomorrowland are more concerned with showing beautiful on social networks than appreciate what the event offers.


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Max Francisco
Max Francisco has been involved with the Internet in Brazil and has been doing digital projects in the country for the last 15 years.