Accelerated adoption of business cloud in Brazil

Cloud_business_Brazil_Frost_SullivanA survey by consulting firm Capgemini with 415 technology decision makers in public and private organizations and published by newspaper Valor Econômico, found that Brazilian corporations will become a lot more aggressive in advancing their cloud plans after traditionally lagging behind the United States and Europe.

Cloud market revenues in Brazil should see a jump from $328.8m in 2013 to $1.1bn by 2017 , according to separate research by consulting firm Frost & Sullivan.

A possible migration to the “private” cloud environment is another aspect of cloud adoption highlighted by the consulting firm’s study: private environments should be in place at 75 percent of of those polled, whereas only 17 percent will remain using public cloud services such as Gmail and Dropbox.

The study by Capgemini was published here and the study by Frost and Sullivan with the perspective of the cloud market in Brazil.

However, analyst firm IDC predicts a rather different scenario, with growth rates in Brazil for public cloud services set to reach 74 percent year-on-year, with the revenues totaling $798m by 2015. According to IDC, the best seller will be SaaS, with $370m generated over the period, followed by IaaS with $362m and PaaS with $66m.

Cloud grows in Brazil

Brazil is moving forward with net neutrality laws that require data to be hosted within the country, and in line with country growth in Cloud, Microsoft rolled out in June, Azure cloud’s Brazil South region following roll-outs of new data center locations in China and Japan.

Microsoft is after all high-growth emerging markets. The company says its compute capacity is doubling every six months and more than 8,000 customers are signing up weekly.

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