The cool hostels of Rio de Janeiro: cheapest options for the Olympic Games

The view from the hamock at Alto VidigalFor those who come to Rio de Janeiro for the Olympics and want cheap hosting, the best option are the hostels.
It is the ideal option for anyone traveling alone or looking to meet people from everywhere. This type of hosting is becoming increasingly popular, performing the wishes of the “backpackers” who now want a little more comfort, but without the formality of hotels. And of course in Rio we have very charming and well located options!

Look at these:

Lemon Spirit Hostel: Tel: (21) 2294.1853 | email: [email protected]

It is for those who enjoy nightlife, the beach, a good restaurant and do not mind sleeping in a room with more people. It is located at Rua Cupertino Durao, 56. Well near the Leblon beach, malls and bars full of beautiful people. The hostel is in a restored property and has free internet, WI-FI and individual lockers and also offers tours around the city. Lemon had 91% approval in (a great site with traveler reviews of hostels worldwide), praising especially the facilities and caipirinhas served at the hostel’s own bar. Means of transport: on foot, by bus and taxi.

Zbra Hostel: Tel: (21) 3596-2386 | email: [email protected]

This is also in Leblon and is for those who love a very creative design, and comfort. It is one block from the beach, close to great restaurants, bars and shopping malls here in Rio. All rooms have air conditioning, the furniture is from the 50, but has a very modern feel. For those who bring boyfriend, this hostel has room with double bed and private bathroom. It has lockable cupboard (free!), Wi-fi in all rooms and bunk beds / treliches still have adapters for charging laptop, ipod etc. Until hairdryer it offers! Who come to the Rock in Rio can now take advantage of special rates for Transportation ‘the days of rock.’: On foot, by bus and taxi.

Bonita Ipanema: Tel: (21) 2227-1703 | email: [email protected]

This is already in Ipanema, perfect for those staying one block from the subway station and two blocks from one of the most sung beaches in the world: Ipanema Beach. The house built in 1942, with a very warm and colorful decor is simply the house where the maestro Tom Jobim lived during childhood. The hostel has a swimming pool with deck, wi-fi, bar, games room and offers a good variety of tours around the city, ranging from a trail in Gávea up going to a baile funk. The air-conditioned rooms have private bathrooms and different prices also affect the daily price (but this happens all over the hostel). The rooms have a fan and a safe, the latter being very important for your documents, money and valuables not left exposed, right? No Security Tour does not roll, folks!


The first hostel in Rio design. It is next to the beach of Leblon, Lagoa Rodrigues de Freitas, bars and malls hottest centers. It has a clean decor and still is very cozy. It offers air conditioning in all environments, loungue with bar and cable TV, shared bathrooms, but separated by gender, wi-fi, security cameras and even transfer from Galeao Airport to the hostel, getting paid at reception. A tip for those who are staying there is to go in Belmonte, a very famous bar in the South Zone of Rio, which is about 5 walking minutinhos!

Bellas Artes: Tel: (21) 3734-6147 | email: [email protected]

The Bellas Artes is located in Santa Tereza., A neighborhood full of bossa and well trendy too. This is for those who wish to stay in a more quiet place and neighborhood same guy, you know? The house where the hostel works we arrived in 1930 and today the neighborhood is frequented by musicians, artists and writers. The hostel is about 10 minutes from Lapa (where the nightlife happens here in Rio!) And a 5 minutinhos from Glória Subway Station. For sustainable girls, good news: this hostel is heating the water through solar panels and make the selective collection of waste. Much love, right?

Safari Hostel: Tel: (21) 2484-8304 | email: [email protected]

This is an option for those who want more econtato peace with nature. It is in the Alto da Boa Vista, very close to the Tijuca Forest (has high trails there and practice extreme sports too!), Waterfalls etc. But who is staying there and want to go to other places like Leblon, Copacabana and Ipanema will have to face a bus or taxi. It’s not far away, it takes about about 15 minutes, but may have traffic or something and on the road it’s not very nice. The property is 1850 (it was preserved since) and served as a coffee warehouse, inn, restaurant and passenger terminal, as this region had many farms. The rooms have bunk with outlets for charging laptops and any other device, reading light, room with wi-fi and separate bathrooms.

Oztel: Tel: (21) 3042-1853 | email: [email protected] | instagram:oztelrio

Fun is the motto of this hostel. Filled (as the owners like to talk) with pop-art items, materials recycled by the creativity and short sentences painted on the walls. The choice of the arts was taken by photographer Felipe Morozini (who writes for the FFW). It is in Botafogo, another beautiful and cool neighborhood of the South Zone of Rio, and still has some (rare) street cinemas, beyond Cobal’s Humaita (place full of bars and cool restaurants). The hostel offers cable TV in the suites and common area, bar with finger food and drinks, and custom soundtrack!
Hostels do not match many requirements. Always remember that it is a means of hosting that has the essence of the backpacker, that feeling of companionship, openness to new friendships, and experience sharing. So already you go thinking you can share room with strangers and bother with snoring bunk colleague or loud laughter does not roll. It may seem little, but it is these exchanges that always leave the richest and unforgettable trips.

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Joe Cloud
Dutch, American, Brazilian... lived there for 5 years and owns property in Brazil. Out of the country for a few years now and would like to go back, however current circumstances tell me it's not the right time.

Published by Joe Cloud

Dutch, American, Brazilian... lived there for 5 years and owns property in Brazil. Out of the country for a few years now and would like to go back, however current circumstances tell me it's not the right time.