A female senator aide rises to fame in Brazilian politics, but because of her body attributes

A lawyer and aide to Senator Ciro Nogueira (PP), Denise Rocha, has called the male attention during the deliberation sessions of the last politic scandal in Brazil(look up CPI do Cachoeira). The young woman, who has a sculptural body has been very harassed and even an alleged sex tape was found to be lurking in the Senate. Now that the video is public, she will be dismissed from the office of Senator Ciro Nogueira.

Denise Rocha, the hottest aide to senator in Brazil

The reason was the huge exposure gained by the attorney after the leak of a home video of sex scenes. Three weeks ago, no other subject is so discussed in the debates of the Brazilian government, but the images went from cell to cell, stick in stick, tablet to tablet.

Denise, however, should not be hand shaking. Shortly after the start of the deliberations, an emissary of the Playboy magazine had sought her. At that time, she promptly rejected the proposal. With the advent of the video, last Friday the magazine made ​​a new assault.

Denise Rocha, the hottest aide to senator in Brazil

At 30 years years old, bodybuilding and practitioner with some surgical procedures to maximize the predicates that God gave her, Denise was advised by friends to take the opportunity to jump into fame.

This is how brazilian politics go!

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Joe Cloud
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