Praia da Pipa: European investors property hotspot

Houses on the center beach at Praia da Pipa.
Houses on the center beach at Praia da Pipa.

Tibau do Sul with an annual temperature of about 28 degrees Celsius is one of the most popular holiday regions of Brazil. The famous Pipa Beach, 80 km south of Natal has many natural beauties and sandy beaches. The place is a charming village surrounded by beautiful beaches and diverse lagoons, tropical vegetation and sand dunes. Praia da Pipa is also famous for its nightlife, with many restaurants, cafes, bars with live music, shopping and art and this vacation hotspot in Brazil has benefited enormously from the international and domestic tourism with many visitors from neighboring cities and regions going there throughout the year to enjoy the unique sights and distinct atmostphere.

Pipa offers many investment opportunities and has attracted Brazilians and immigrants from around the world who purchased and continue to purchase property there. There are convenient and direct flights from Europe to Natal Airport, a city that held one of the venues of the 2014 World Cup.

Pipa has seen an astounding property valuation due to european investor money pouring in until 2008. But with the euro and the dollar losing value against the real after that, the property owners starting getting a more realistic perspective on par with Brazilian standards. The buying power that was inflating prices was no longer going there, not even on vacation as many charters flights were cut and the demand from foreigners abruptly faded.

Due to that, Praia da Pipa offers again some bargains for purchase. It’s not like it was back then, since a lot has already been sold. But a lot of people that invested are likely to sell now.

Pipa’s new reality

Baia dos Golfinhos or Dolphins Bay in Pipa Beach.
Baia dos Golfinhos or Dolphins Bay in Pipa Beach.

Pipa is definitely not a fishermen or surfers village anymore. The small town has grown and with it came all problems that Brazil has in its midsize towns and big cities. Until 2008, Pipa still had that fishermen vibe with old and simple houses. But with land prices getting expensive and native families growing, inevitably as it happens in Brazil, relatives started building on top of each other specially in the central areas. The concentration of people in one small area has created problems for parking, for driving around and for getting access to public services.

Are there still cheap properties for sale in Pipa?

Definitely, but the buyer needs to look around, make friends and talk to people. Everyone will try to sell you property so you don’t need to rely on the real estate agency. You should have them as your reference but it does not hurt to look around.

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Houses for rent in Pipa Beach.

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