Cristiano Ronaldo denounces company that related him to slum property purchase

Cristiano Ronaldo, favela property.The striker Cristiano Ronaldo will sue consulting firm Proto Group, which had released information that he had bought a favela in Brazil. A Portuguese spokesman issued a statement on the subject, according to the TV channel “Sky Sports” and denied that the attacker has paid about two million euros (equivalent to R$ 8.2 million) for a whole community in the north of Rio de Janeiro. The idea, according to the publication would be to help residents get rid of rent. But the striker has strenuously denied the story.

“After the issuance of a press release about the false information with the name of Cristiano Ronaldo, the player decided to file a lawsuit against the misuse of his name. This time the lie is an acquisition of land in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In the past, the same source had invented buying an apartment in New York, participating in a Martin Scorsese film and recently investing in a hotel in Monte Carlo,” the statement said.

Cristiano Ronaldo claimed that the Proto Group tries to promote at the expense of his image. The company works in the field of “finance, insurance and real estate sector.

“The name and Cristiano image have been used long ago by an entrepreneur known for inventing stories and spreading false information about figures and public organizations, which was reportedly sentenced to three years and 10 months in prison by an Italian court of law. The news about the personal and professional life of Cristiano Ronaldo should leave only from official sources and informed communications media, so the media should stop echoing information with sole purpose to fool own public opinion for their own benefit” the statement said.

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Joe Cloud
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