How to rent a vacation house in Brazil: Houses for Rent in Praia da Pipa, Tibau do Sul, RN

Center beach on Praia da Pipa has restaurants, pousadas and houses for rent.
Center beach on Praia da Pipa has restaurants, pousadas and houses for rent.

New Years, Carnival, Easter week and on other holidays families and groups of young people from the different regions of Brazil flock to Pipa renting houses and properties. There are a lot of well-meaning people in this sector but there are infiltrators in the middle, seeking only to gain money and harm others or make easy money.

Precautions begin by seeking information on reputable real estate agencies or friends and checking everything that is offered. Check the location of the property, access to the local conditions, the region’s infrastructure – bakeries, grocery stores, and the property safety.

1 – Visit the property before signing the contract

It is very common for people to close a seasonal rent and upon reaching the destination, the property is very different than the pictures. We recommend visiting the home whenever possible. The consumer has the right to inspect the property in the company of the owner or representative and must relate the general conditions under which he is to avoid the payment of any damages he has not caused.

2 – Prioritize negotiating over the internet

The internet provides documentary evidence of the negotiation and its terms. In addition, demand real photos with current property conditions. Upon arriving at the site, as a precaution, take pictures that can be used as evidence to prove that the property conditions were provided differently by the lessor.
In this case, the contractor may ask for a proportional reduction in the drop of the quality of the good offered. If there is no agreement, the case can be referred to the Small Claims Court.

3 – Try to rent through real estate agencies

If you rent a property from a real estate agent, you are protected by the CDC (Consumer Protection Code). If renting directly from the owner, without intermediaries, you are also protected by Brazilian civil laws. Prioritize renting Vacation homes via real estate agents because your protection is much higher.
Relying solely on the offer made by Internet or newspaper ads is risky. Even if there are photos, you can not be sure about the situation of the house much less know the surroundings.

4 – Attention to the furniture

It is common for this type of lease to come with furnished property. The contract must have a survey, a type of report where the furnishings are described, utensils and the state they are in. Check immediately as you enter the property, and notify your landlord of discrepancies existing case. In this case, document irregularities with photos. Testimonial evidence is acceptable, but alone is very bad in these cases.

The restaurants and shops on Avenida Baía dos Golfinhos.

5 – Do not close verbal agreements

Finally, do not close this type of trading only verbally. It’s too risky. Caution is everything in this type of contract. No compensation value resets the power of wear and loss of time in a problematic situation hiring a property per season.

6 – Lessor must fulfill the offer

It is important to note that the supplier is obliged to comply with the offer. So, if the house conditions does not equate with promised by the estate or the owner, the tenant has the right to demand the return of the amount paid, as guaranteed by Article 35 of the Consumer Protection Code.
Thus, the tenant must give up to stay in the property. If you choose to remain in place, the consumer can negotiate a reduction in the price in proportion to the drop in the quality of the offered features.

7 – Make Contracts

Make a contract that discriminates what was treated orally, as the dates of entry and exit of the property, name and address of the owner, price and form of payment, pickup location and key.

8 – Lessor may request advance payment

The maximum term of a lease for season is 90 days and the payment of rent may be required in advance and at once. Ask for a receipt!

9 – Where to rent a property in Praia da Pipa.

It’s common in Pipa to think that you will be renting a property with sea view or at the beach. You probably don’t know the place. Pipa’s only beach with direct access to the beach is Center Beach and the rental possibilities in Center beach right on the sea front are slim. There are a few luxury properties for rent on the main beach, a few more old fishermen houses that usually get rented to large groups, and also a few pousadas.

All other beaches in Pipa have access through stairs since they are surround by cliffs. That’s the case of the next beach north, Praia do Amor, or the two beaches before center beach: Praia do Madeiro and Baía dos Golfinhos.

Houses for rent on Praia do Centro, Pipa:
Close to the beach or on the beach, a short walk to the beach restaurants, a short walk to the main avenue restaurants, bars and stores. No need for cars.

Properties for rent on the central area, within walking distance to the beaches:
Not right on the beach, but a very short walk to it. A short walk to the main avenue, bars and stores. Also no need for cars.

Properties for rent on the Praia do Amor area:
You can get a car to go to the different beaches, but the problem is you won’t have where to park it on the center area. You are close to Praia do Amor, one of the best spots for surfing for advanced surfers.

Properties for rent on the Praia do Madeiro area:
Warning: they are not exactly walking distance to Praia do Madeiro or Baía dos Golfinhos. You will definitely need a car to go to restaurants, or grocery shopping or even the closest beach. But here you can find houses in gated communities that offer a good price and all the amenities: pool, tv, air conditioning, etc…

Use the map below to find your way around Pipa.

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