Madonna buys house at Favela do Vidigal, slum in Rio de Janeiro

madonna_house_RioMadonna started 2015 by buying a new house. The diva, decided to buy the house next door to David Beckham on the Vidigal slum, at the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, according to “Glamour” magazine. The publication reported that the purchase of the property by the singer generated dissatisfaction between the residents that complain about the high prices of properties and services at the location now.

Madonna was expected to spend New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro, but changed her mind at the last minute and decided to become the year with the family in the house of stylist and friend Valentino, located in the village of Gstaad, in the Swiss Alps.

Picture of David Beckham's house in Vidigal slum Rio
Above is David Beckham’s house on the Favela Vidigal slum in Rio de Janeiro. The property has breathtaking views.

David Beckham also bought a house in the Vidigal slum in Rio de Janeiro, a recent upscale area of the city that has been attracting more and more foreigners, as the actor Vincent Cassell, and in whose area to perform some of the hottest parties and which have been built several hotels.

This is one of the pacified favelas of “Wonderful City” and Beckham will have paid 330,000 euros (half a million dollars) for the integrated home that modest community since 2011 is no longer controlled by drug traffickers, after the occupation operated by police to have a life away from conflict.

The home of former footballer, whose fortune is estimated at 252 million euros, is surrounded by a tropical forest and offers fantastic views to various parts of Rio de Janeiro.

This video on YouTube shows how to get to David Beckham’s house on the Vidigal Favela.

Below is the exact location of the Favela do Vidigal in Rio. The place has gorgeous views of the ocean.

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