Prime Brazilian ocean view real estate: Rio’s ex-governor mansion for sale in Mangaratiba

THe house in Mangaratiba has two outside pools.

The house of former Rio governor Sérgio Cabral (PMDB) and former first lady Adriana Ancelmo in Mangaratiba, in the southern part of the state of Rio de Janeiro, will be auctioned on October 3. Located inside the Portobello condominium, the property was valued at R$ 8 million and this is the minimum bid. If there is no offer with at least this amount, a second auction will be held. In this case, the minimum bid is 80% of the valuation value – R$ 6.4 million.

One of the lap pools.

There are still objects of the couple in the property, such as images of saints, photographs and paintings, such as those of Romero Britto with the faces of Cabral and Adriana. The goods that are in the residence, such as electronic equipment and appliances, are part of the auction package. On the first floor of the prime brazilian real estate there is the living room, kitchen and the outside area with barbecue and swimming pools. On the second floor there are five master bedrooms, three with ocean views. The total area of ​​the house is one thousand square meters and the property is 462 square meters. The bids will be in person, but can also be made through the internet (, provided that the registration was made up to 24 before the auction.

The hopuse in Mangaratiba also has a beach front.

The four videos below published by OGlobo, show a tour of the property.

The decision was made by the judge of the 7th Federal Criminal Court, Marcelo Bretas, who decided to auction some of the ex-governor’s most valuable assets. He has been imprisoned since last November, accused of corruption and money laundering.

Another good whose property is attributed to Cabral and goes to the trading floor is the Manhatan motorboat. Officially, the vessel belongs to the company MPG Participações, controlled by Paulo Fernando Magalhães Pinto, former advisor of the peemedebista and appointed as operator of the former governor. But the Federal Police (PF) and the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF) say that the former governor is the real owner of the boat, says MSN.

In the list of goods to be auctioned, there are also three vehicles. They are two Mitsubishi brand jeeps. One is registered in the name of Coelho and Ancelmo Advogados (Cabral’s wife’s office, Adriana Ancelmo), valued at R $ 120 thousand); another is Adriana’s own and was valued at R $ 240 thousand. There is also a Hyundai Azera, belonging to Cabral, valued at R$ 76 thousand.

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