São Paulo: your guide for investing in property at the largest city of Brazil

ibirapuera_park_sao_pauloLiving in an apartment is still the preference (and maybe only option) of most families in São Paulo, primarily for security and leisure reasons, and costs that shared with other residents, allow a lower maintenance cost for each home.

On the other hand, it requires acceptance of many rules and freedom is limited. Still in a huge city like São Paulo and with various mobility problems, a well-located apartment and with affordable monthly maintenance costs makes sense for a foreign investor.

When buying an apartment in São Paulo it is critical to keep in mind a few factors to get the correct evaluation. Only considering what is really important to you is that you be able to find the perfect property. So, know what to evaluate when buying an apartment in São Paulo and make the best choice!

Valued neighborhoods always have the best options
The value of the property is directly connected to the neighborhood where it is located on. Most valued neighborhoods are safer, have more convenience of services and trade, has more tree-lined streets and parks nearby, great choices of schools, entertainment and culture, and provide new releases and older properties.

Another major advantage of the most valued neighborhoods is that they are just minutes from major economic centers of São Paulo (Faria Lima, Paulista and Berrini) and have more demand, less offers and therefore more liquidity, ensuring an excellent return on investment when it comes time to sell or rent!

Oscar Freire, the most luxurious street of Sao Paulo
Oscar Freire, the most luxurious street of Sao Paulo

Pay Attention to the condominium fees
When buying an apartment in São Paulo it’s important to pay attention to the condominium fee. This value needs to be taken into account and with the infrastructure offered within that price because that rate will be paid monthly for as long as you own the property.

So keep in mind that the condo is an important item in time to consider an offer to purchase apartment in Sao Paulo. Buildings with more residents tend to have more affordable condos fees while more private buildings, like one apartment per floor tend to have condominium values ​​slightly higher.

On the largest Brazilian metropolis, several neighborhoods located in different regions stand out. For those who consider security a major factor in choosing the best neighborhood in town, certainly tend to choose between the neighborhoods of the South Zone or Zona Sul, which have a preference among the most wanted properties at the paulista imobiliárias, real estate agencies from Sao Paulo.

Vila Nova Conceição, Sao Paulo.
Vila Nova Conceição, preference between the foreign community

The chart below by Lopes Imobiliária shows the most sought after districts in each region and the percentage of searches in each region:

Zona Sul (37%) Zona Leste (23%) Zona Oeste (19%) Zona Norte (14%) Centro (7%)
Vila Mariana Tatuapé Pinheiros Santana Centro
Saúde Penha Perdizes Casa Verde Bela Vista
Moema Vila Carrão Lapa Tucuruvi Higienópolis
Campo Limpo Mooca Butantã Vila Maria Santa Cecília
Ipiranga Vila Prudente Pompéia Freguesia do Ó Brás

– Vila Mariana – the most desired neighborhood among Brazilians
The neighborhood has attracted the interest of the public who are looking for a property, both for purchase and for rent. According to the searches performed in the ZAP Real Estate site, the old district is the main destination chosen to live or rent among all regions of the state capital. The neighborhood’s name appeared in 15% of search results conducted on the portal.

– Jardins – Luxury and shopping
In Jardins, no murder was recorded in 6,449 records. This districts is seen as the major interests of the housing market, among the various others in Zona Sul, and currently always have new launches and sales, both for entrepreneurs and for buyers. It is in this neighborhood that is located the eighth most luxurious street in the world, which is the Oscar Freire. It is almost 900 meters with imported brands shops and famous restaurants.

– Vila Olimpia and Itaim: good infrastructure
In 2014, the best valuation of the city was in Vila Olimpia (24%), followed by Itaim (20%). The value of the square meter in relation to infrastructure in the region is also a point to be considered in the evaluation of neighborhoods of a city.

– Vila Nova Conceição: best valuation
The study shows that the Vila Nova Conceição is only the 19th most valued neighborhood with a high of 2% in 2014. Still the neighborhood still has the highest square meter of the city: R$ 14,580,00.
According to a survey by EMDOC, an expert advice consultancy on mobility of executives, foreigners married with children prefer to live in neighborhoods like Vila Nova Conceição, because it is safer, offer leisure options and are close to the Ibirapuera Park.

The neighborhoods of Alto da Boa Vista and Granja Julieta are also preferred by foreign couples with children. The proximity to the international schools and business centers, as well as security and infrastructure offered by gated communities, are the differences of these regions, the survey found.

Jardim Paulista region birds eye view
Jardim Paulista region birds eye view.

– Jardim Paulista
In the north, Jardim Paulista has the price per square meter valued at average $ 10,000 / for sale. The neighborhood has excellent infrastructure: it is very close to subways, malls and shopping centers.

– Parelheiros – the most green neighborhood
Data from the Department of Planning of São Paulo City Hall reveal that, in the neighborhood, the rate of public green areas per person is 312.82 m2 / inhabitant. Included in this indicator are all state and local parks and squares and conservation areas.

– Moema and Perdizes – the safest neighborhoods
A survey of the Sou da Paz Institute published in 2011 showed that the neighborhoods of Moema and Perdizes have up to two deaths per 100 000 inhabitants. A low number when compared to other areas of São Paulo. Moema is a neighborhood where the attack rate is lower. Also it is flat and well lit.

– Cerqueira Cesar – neighborhoods with the most access to the subway
The Cerqueira Cesar neighborhood has three stations of the São Paulo metro green line (Consolação, Trianon Masp and Brigadeiro) and one of the yellow (Paulista) – leading passengers to the Pinheiros region.

– Vila Madalena and Itaim Bibi – The busiest / trendiest areas
The neighborhoods offers plenty of bars, restaurants, nightclubs, theaters and other cultural activities. Itaim focuses more on fine dining options. Vila Madalena already has a more trendy bards and bustling night life.

The Consolação station in São Paulo

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