What you can buy for R$ 300.000 (about U$D 160.000) in the main capital cities of Brazil

Entrance of a house in Rio de Janeiro.Brazil, the country of diversity, and one of the largest territorial extensions in the world, also has a huge discrepancy in prices of real estate. Differences of values are evident both among states and regions – such as the Federal District(Brasília), where the average price per square meter of used property is R$ 8,100 and Goiania, where the same space costs an average of R$ 2,415, and even in the same city – such as Rio de Janeiro, where the average price per square meter for new homes can reach R$ 18,000 in neighborhoods as Leblon, R$ 36,000 in Ipanema or R$ 2100 in the north eighborhood of Pavuna. To demonstrate the diversity of prices in practice, a report by Brazilian magazine Exame, consulted real estate professionals in several cities to show what kind of property could be bought with R$ 300,000( about US$ 160.000) in each location.

Curitiba: According to the magazine in Curitiba there are several real estate options from two to three bedrooms, with 80m ² of floor area and located at a distance 5-8 miles from the center for R$ 300,000 dollars. In Curitiba, the average price of used property used is R$ 3646 per square meter.
Federal District(Brasília): The Pilot Plan of Brasilia, designed in 1957, determined that the region would be divided in “superblocks” residential areas, commercial blocks and blocks for leisure. Together these areas form the administrative region of Brasilia, which is shaped similar to an airplane, so some sections are called wings. The properties that are in Brasilia (or within the Pilot Plan) are the most expensive in the region. According to the FipeZap index of May 2012, the average square meter is R$ 8254, in the Federal District, the most expensive in the country. With R$ 300,000 in the South Wing, North Wing, Sector Southwest and Northwest (parts of the Pilot Plan), you could buy at most a kitchenette(Brazilians term for studio, usually one room with kitchen and bathroom). Only in regions outside the administrative region, like Águas Claras and Taguatinga, you could buy a three bedroom property for R$ 300,000. According to a survey conducted by the largest classifieds site in the Federal District, you can not find a 3 bedroom property for less than R$ 653,000. And the average price of a property with three bedrooms in the region is R$ 930,000.

Florianopolis: The average price per square meter of used real estate in Florianópolis is R$ 4158. For R$ 300,000, a buyer can find many offers of apartments with more than 10 years, three bedrooms and one suite, between 80 and 85m², in neighborhoods like Coqueiros, Estreito and Trindade, which are not the most valued of the city for R$ 300,000. With the same R$ 300,000, Jurerê, the stronghold of the famous and wealthy in Floripa, you could buy only a one bedroom property, but according to them, there is no such offer. The lowest bid in Jurerê would be a 15 years old flat, with two bedrooms for R$ 600,000 to R$ 700,000. The district is famous for providing the main entertainment options in the city, has international exposure and have been constructed as a project with low housing planning.

Fortaleza: It is not hard to find good real estate for R$ 300,000 in Fortaleza. With an average price per square meter of R$ 4158 for old property and R$ 4410 for new homes, if the purchaser does not matter not staying exactly on the beach, and accept a property with several years of use, good choices can be found by this value. The Exame magazine reporters found apartments with sea views, three bedrooms with an extra bedroom for employees and two vacancies on the first floor but no elevator, for R$ 295,000.

Recife: The average price per square meter for used property closed at R$ 5288. The average price per square meter of new homes by March 2012, was R$ 4,400 dollars. The city has an increased demand for housing in the range of R$ 300,000 to R$ 350,000 ranging between 60 and 65 m². This type of property can be easily found in neighborhoods like Magdalena, Pina and Tamarineira, which are not the most valued of the city, but also do not fit between the outer boroughs of the central region. They highlight that the city has projects like the construction of the City of the Cup in São Lourenço da Mata, 19 km from Recife, and the planned city project in the vicinity of the port of Suape, 50 km from Recife.

Rio de Janeiro: Rio de Janeiro has the second most expensive square meter of the country, trailing only the Federal District, according to the FipeZap index. The average price per square meter in the city in May was R$ 7991. With R$ 300,000 a buyer can only find two or three bedroom properties off the southern area of the city in less central neighborhoods such as Irajá in the north, or Recreio and Jacarepaguá, in the West Zone. In a places like Leblon, Ipanema and Botafogo, with R$ 300,000, you are lucky if you find a kitchenette(studio). The new hotels and infrastructure works for the World Cup and the installation of Pacification Police Units in the poor areas of the city are the biggest factors in valuing of real estate in the city today. In 2010, for example, after installing the UPP in Tijuca, the value per square meter in the northern region doubled.

São Paulo: In São Paulo, the average price per square meter of used real estate was R$ 6448, only behind Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. The city went through a time of soaring in prices in recent years, but this year sales have been reduced to one third compared to 2010. The variation in the price of square meter of used property in the city was 6.4% between January and May 2012, according to the index FipeZap. The most common price range for purchase of real estate has been R$ 350,000. With R$ 300,000 reais in the capital, the main options are two-bedroom properties in less popular neighborhoods like Vila Sonia (Western Zone), Vila Nova Sabara (South Zone), Vila Guilherme (North Zone), or one bedroom apartments in neighborhoods like Brooklyn and Aclimação. For R$ 300,000, Lopes a local real estate agency, offers new homes with three bedrooms in Vila Nova Sabara or in one bedroom in Aclimação, in front of the park.

For the original article, in portuguese: http://exame.abril.com.br/seu-dinheiro/imoveis/noticias/os-imoveis-que-voce-compra-com-300-000-reais-pelo-brasil

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Joe Cloud
Dutch, American, Brazilian... lived there for 5 years and owns property in Brazil. Out of the country for a few years now and would like to go back, however current circumstances tell me it's not the right time.

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Dutch, American, Brazilian... lived there for 5 years and owns property in Brazil. Out of the country for a few years now and would like to go back, however current circumstances tell me it's not the right time.