Christ The Redemeer, a symbol of Rio de Janeiro

Christ the Redeemer is one of the main symbols of Brazil. His image, easily recognized around the world, helps sell products and carries a meaning that opens doors, convince sponsors and public calls for various events. All this obviously leads to a question: what is the value of this brand? In an extreme stretch of the imagination, as a good salesman could charge for it? Among the specialists in economics, advertising and law, the conclusion is usually the same: it is difficult to establish material value to a religious symbol that became at the same time, the stronger representation of a city and a country.

Jewelry, pillows, dresses: the criteria for using the image of Christ are malleable, and the Church calls for common sense prevails

The challenge of fixing a price gets even more difficult by the fact that the Archdiocese does not charge for its use – are requested only counterparts. But the parameters exist. To release any licensed product, Disney collects 14% of gross sales of the company wishing to explore their symbol. Boschi said that the Church could easily follow a similar percentage, because of the recognition that the monument has around the world. “Are contracts with goals and deadlines,” he says.

The reality, however, is quite different. In 2012 disaster movie, there is a sequence that shows the Redeemer collapsing. The horrific image helped the film to drag thousands of Brazilian moviegoers to a dark room and in the U.S. market to bill U.S. $ 166 million. Items such as T-shirts and posters with the apocalyptic scene swelled the safe production and acted as placement of the tape. Of course, this is a subtle calculation, subjective, but perfectly measurable.

Jewelry, pillows, dresses: the criteria for using the image of Christ are malleable, and the Church calls for common sense prevails

Few people are willing to pay for it – and some exaggerate the lack of ethics. In the case of 2012, the impact of those seven seconds of destruction caused a subpoena against Columbia Pictures, from the Archdiocese of Rio, guardian of the rights and religious image of the statue. The representatives of the studio had made a prior consultation and went ahead despite the negative, because the budget Hollywood productions that level, almost always mellow, already includes funding for compensation.

Interestingly, such episodes have been repeated more frequently in recent times, perhaps a side effect of the election of the statue as one of the seven wonders of the modern world, and the great visibility of River In August, recording a commercial for a company Air Uruguay almost caused a diplomatic incident. In the piece of propaganda, the football player Loco Abreu would make a hat in Christ, simulating a dribble. He came to kick toward the monument when it was suddenly stopped by guards. The ad did not air, the Uruguayans became formal and apologized for that reason.

Requests are considered on a case. Depending on the purpose, provides a contrast to the simple release without anything in return or veto summary. For the film animation Rio, for example, was not made request some. Moreover, in September, the Catholic Church has avoided any possibility of understanding with the social networking site The Ohhtel, which used the image of an outdoor monument, erected in Barra da Tijuca, as if Christ bless skipped around. The company, which specializes in extramarital affairs, produced an advertisement that stamped the text “Have a case now! Repent, then, “with the photo of the Redeemer, bought from an agency, appearing in the corner of the image. The Archdiocese has asked, and got, the ad was removed from there in less than 24 hours. With about 250,000 registered Internet users, the site claimed to be unaware that there was need for authorization, acknowledged the error and made a public retraction.

The player Loco Abreu gave the statue a few ball kicks, and the commercial was banned

Certainly you are also in trouble in the coming days, a Brazilian food restaurant in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, whose poster was stopped last month in the media and the Internet. Above the list of cards supported by the establishment appears an assembly with Christ holding glasses of caipirinha. The house, which offers barbeque on a rotating basis and show mulatto, seems to have gone, as always reinforces the Archdiocese, the limits of common sense. What we do not know the exact value of the brand in U.S. dollars is real or even understandable. Difficult to accept the lack of perception that it is worth a lot to be used as well.

The Christ in an outdoor for a dating site.


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