A few good reasons not to go to the World Cup 2014 in Brazil and one good one to go

The British press was incredulous on Friday before the Brazilian Justice decision to authorize the friendly match between England and Brazil in the Maracanã stadium hours after the same had been prohibited for safety reasons. The match, which will be played on Sunday and represents the official inauguration of the stadium after three years of work, was canceled yesterday after a civil action initiated by the State Prosecutor, who denounced the absence of “report of engineering survey, prevention and fire fighting, sanitary conditions and hygiene. ” Besides, whoever heard President Dilma Rousseff talking about the Confederations Cup last week in her weekly radio address, got the impression that Brazil is more than ready for the tournament – which begins on June 15, in Brasilia. But the people that went to some of the stadium openings over the weekend however, saw the harsh realities of the host country of the event, considered an important test for the World Cup next year. With less than three weeks to the opening of the National Stadium in Brasilia, it received its first big game – and fans regretted having spent 400 reais(about 200 U$D) for a ticket, as it had to face queues of up to four hours to enter the most expensive arena in the World.

Stadiums in Brazil still not finished for the World Cup
Stadiums in Brazil still not finished for the World Cup

Check below a few good reasons not to come to Brazil for the Confederations Cup or the 2014 World Cup:

– In Rio de Janeiro, Maracanã was presented to FIFA on May 24, but the stadium is not quite ready: the place is still full of workers trying to finish the latest works of its billionaire remodeling

Stadiums in Brazil still not finished for the World Cup
Stadiums in Brazil still not finished for the World Cup

Maracanã is undergoing renovations since 2010 to receive the games of the World Cup 2014. When announced in September of that year, the works had a cost of R$ 600 million and was dated to end in December 2012.
Time passed and the cost went up. The government came to the conclusion that the demolition of the stadium roof was needed. Thus, the cost of the reform reached R$ 859 million. This month, the government published an additive contract to the remodeling of the stadium. The work now costs R$ 1.049 billion. Joining other additional adjustments and other contracts already signed, the adjustments only in the stadium have already cost R$ 1.12 billion.

German tourist is shot during the tour of the Rocinha slum in Rio

A 25 year old German tourist was shot during a visit to the Rocinha slum, in the south of Rio de Janeiro, in the early afternoon of Friday (31). He was hit in the chest and was admitted to a local hospital. A friend reported to police that they were visiting the community when they came face to face with an armed man while descending a staircase. The tourists frightened, and tried to flee, but the tourist got shot.

Part of the roof of the Fonte Nova stadium in Bahia does not stand the rain and falls

Arena Fonte Nova stadium in Salvador, was the scene of a minor accident on Monday. Part of the roof of the stadium didn’t endure the rains that have fallen on the state capital since Sunday and fell, opening a big hole. No one was injured.
The initial start of the Fonte Nova stadium for the Confederations Cup is scheduled for the next 20 days, between Nigeria and Uruguay, the second round of the competition. The arena will also stage two other games during the tournament.
The stadium was inaugurated last April 5, with a kick start given by President Dilma Rousseff. The reconstruction of the Fonte Nova cost R$ 591.7 million and was made from a partnership between state and private enterprise.

– MT makes new bid round for Arena Pantanal and the stadium cost increases by R$ 100 million

The Government of the State of Mato Grosso is nearing completion of a bidding process for the purchase of information technology equipment, sound systems and lighting to be used in the Arena Pantanal stadium being built in Cuiabá to host four games of the initial phase of the World Cup 2014. The initial cost is R$ 98.3 million.
Thus, so far, the Arena Pantanal is costing the State of Mato Grosso a total of R$ 525 million. The sum includes the R$ 98 million of the IT, lighting and sound systems, the current R$ 420 million earmarked for the construction of the stadium and R$ 7 million for the company hired to oversee the works. The project is only 70% complete.

Brasilia Stadium not approved on 1st standard FIFA test

A scoreless game without good football, without emotion, and worse, without a satisfactory evaluation from FIFA. The first big match of the National Stadium in Brasilia, did not lack kilometric queues around the arena, the most expensive of all that will be used in the Confederations Cup next month. To avoid embarrassment, with thousands of seats still empty at the beginning of the match between Santos and Flamengo, the police suspended the survey with metal detectors – a requirement in the Confederations Cup – an hour before the start of the game to ensure that thousands of fans would reach their seats before the end of the first half. With the lack of proper checkings at the entrance of the event, which would be the only test before receiving the opening stage of the Confederations Cup, the stadium did not serve to be evaluated for the preparation for  the match between Brazil and Japan on June 15. The 63,501 fans who paid tickets starting at R$ 160 to R$ 400 for the match faced a number of obstacles only to enter the stadium. I can only imagine how it was to get to the stadium or to park.

Now, one good reason to maybe go to Brazil.

Dollar jumps 7% in the month and goes to R$ 2.142, the highest in more than four years

The dollar closed up 1.36%, to R$ 2.142 on the sale this Friday (31), even after the central bank acted in the market to try to hold its high. It’s the highest closing in more than four years since May, 2009, when the dollar was worth R$ 2.149, amid the height of the global economic crisis. In May, the dollar rose 7.04%, the highest monthly increase since September 2011 (when the currency rose 18.15%).

If the dollar continues to rise against the real it might be a good reason for you to visit Brazil since even with everything so expensive, your money will be worth more. Please pray for the dollar to reach R$ 3.00 or more in 2014. That is the only thing that will increase the amount of tourists in Brazil. Have in mind that the Brazilian government will do everything to make it happen, like pretending to intervenes in the foreign exchange in favour of Brazilians.


Pictures from Julio Cesar Guimaraes/UOL http://copadomundo.uol.com.br/noticias/redacao/2013/05/31/governador-diz-que-maracana-e-100-seguro-mas-admite-obras-inacabadas.htm

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Dutch, American, Brazilian... lived there for 5 years and owns property in Brazil. Out of the country for a few years now and would like to go back, however current circumstances tell me it's not the right time.

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Dutch, American, Brazilian... lived there for 5 years and owns property in Brazil. Out of the country for a few years now and would like to go back, however current circumstances tell me it's not the right time.