NYT features Três Rios, in its real estate section… this blog had already featured Tres Rios as a good place for property investment

On November 21st, the real estate section of the New York Times, Great Homes and Destinations, featured a farmhouse in the town of Três Rio, south of the state of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. The article shows the …

An interview with Brazilian Bubble, by Rachel Glickhouse

Dont miss this interview from RioGringa blog… she interviews the folks at Brazilian Bubble, a great and realistic blog about Brazil.

For Brazilian bubble: http://brazilianbubble.com/an-interview-with-brazilian-bubble-by-riogringa-coms-rachel-glickhouse/
For RioGringa: http://www.riogringa.com/

Below is the story:

An interview with Brazilian Bubble, by Rachel Glickhouse…