Sao Thome das Letras, Minas Gerais, mistery and waterfalls

The cruzeiro at Sao TOme Das LetrasSao Thome das Letras is a typical small town in the interior of MInas Gerais. It’s hills and mountains are at approximately 1440 meters from sea level. Choosing between nature and history, for mystics and skeptics, ufologists or just trekking, many are the sights of Sao Thome.

There are many waterfalls, each with its own charm. Among the most famous we have the Cachoeira da Lua, Vale das Borboletas, Véu da Noiva, Eubiose, Xangrilá e a Cachoeira do Flávio.

Like every town in Minas Gerais, the city’s churches are very busy. With emphasis on Stone Church, built in the eighteenth century.

The bars of Sao Thome are the focus of the young people from all tribes and various musical tastes. The nightlife is always guaranteed at the “Mystic Town”.

Be sure to visit the Cruzeiro, with an amazing observation deck (mirante), and the famous Pyramid of Sao Thome.

The view from the Cruzeiro Sao Tome das Letras

How to get there:
By MG 167, go through Tres Coracoes, after 25 km, turn right and go through 18 km until Sao Thome.

Where to stay:
There are some pousada usually with attractive prices.

Where to eat:
Besides the famous “made dishes” or “prato-feitos” to suit all tastes and pockets, it is easy to find good restaurants with typical wonderful Mineira food.

Cachoeira Veu da Noiva Sao Tome Das Letras, MInas Gerais

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