Ana Paula Minerato shows off nice body in gym clothes line

Ana Paula Minerato in brazilian gym clothesAna Paula Minerato has only 23 years old and states that she had very few boyfriends, but believes that she does not lack in bed, as she is a fan of hot videos.

Ana Paula Minerato who posed nude in the Gazette building’s terrace, located on Avenida Paulista, in the neighborhood of Cerqueira César, in the central area of ​​São Paulo does not hide that she has a soft spot for women.

Ana has already received offers to make programs, at the famous pink book wave happening in Brazil. “I have already received, yes, but never interested me not even to know the value because I have no interest in doing this kind of work,” she says. “I have nothing against those who do, but got nothing for it. My mom is my manager and always filtered what we all we receive. But I think bad married men seeking this kind of thing, they must be very unhappy in marriage but then why get married? To be cheating their wives ?!” she criticizes.

The Panico reporter recently posed in gym clothes and showed off her good form.

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Ana Paula Minerato gym clothes

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