Andressa Urach in the media again as she launches her book: Morri Para Viver

Andress Urach in the hospital because of hidrogel problemsAgain Andressa Urach is in the media and it is again with the problems she still has with the applications of hydrogel that almost led to her death.

Andressa was hospitalized again, and had to make a new surgery for the removal of new points of infections, only this time in her bottom region that already has deformations and is nothing like the butt that made her be a miss bumbum and opened doors in her modeling career.

Some photos of Andressas butt issues were disclosed, which seems to be inflamed and also had to be have the hydrogel removed.

Andressa Urach is launching her official book called only in late August, but is already causing controversy. The Daily Mail had access to excerpts of the publication in which the former model gives details about her past as a luxury model in Brazil.

“I have become, unfortunately, one of the most desirable and expensive prostitutes in Brazil. I was present in nightclubs. If you have a client interested in paying me for sex, the deal was done there with the manager of the club. Everything was authorized by me. I gave a yes or no for each proposal before closing the deal. I was charging R$ 15 thousand. But I had a strict rule. Dinner, photos or videos were not allowed. I was only two hours inside the hotel room and the payment had to be done before the act. ”

Search of fame
“I took part in orgies just to be close to famous people, thinking that they would help me to skip several steps in life. Singers, businessmen, football players … Nothing stopped me in my efforts to become rich. I did everything for fame and money, it was my goal. ”

Cristiano Ronaldo
Andressa says that in 2013, Cristiano Ronaldo looked to see if it was even Miss Butt of Brazil.
A month later, she went to Madrid to meet with the player. Andressa reported that wanted to take a picture with the player to be promoted in Brazil, but failed. So she took the story public.

The beginning
Model said she started to work as a prostitute at 21 years old, in Porto Alegre, after separating from the father of her child. She began in a nightclub, and soon became one of the best: “I was crazy in bed. I cried and kissed a lot, which was rare among prostitutes. I did everything the other girls did not. With time and word of mouth, she turned a key in prostitution in the country. I began to earn from R$ 400 to R$ 3000 I came to win R$ 30 thousand reais per month, working from Monday to Saturday.

Andress Urach book cover: Morri Para Viver

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